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How to capture Pikachu as your first Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go quickly became one of the most popular mobile games out there on both iOS and Android. It has overtaken Tinder in terms of popularity in the United States and is rapidly reaching the popularity of Twitter. You won't spend much time when Pokemon Go surpasses most social media apps in terms of popularity and daily activity, considering that the game has had a limited version. However, there are ways to download Pokemon Go on Android and iOS devices in any country outside the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

If you are not yet familiar with the game and have no idea how to play, you can take a look at our Pokemon Go beginner's guide. It will help you keep up with the events in the virtual Pokemon world, where you can capture, train and fight with Pokemon in your city and in your neighborhood, thanks to its augmented reality features.

Pokemon Go does not offer Pikachu as a choice for your initial Pokemon, not directly at least.

Pokemon Go pays tribute to the first generation of Pokemon games that have been released on the GameBoy. These games include Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow. The availability of Pokemon in Pokemon Go limited to the first generation, which means you can only capture the 150 original Pokemon (except the Legendary Pokemon) in this game. It also means that you can choose between the original initial trio, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. These are the most popular starting Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. However, there is another Pokemon that loved and considered the icon for the entire Pokemon franchise. The Pikachu one, which is the Pokemon series mascot and the main Pokemon of the cartoon series.

Pokemon Yellow offered you Pikachu as the initial Pokemon, making it different from both the Red and Blue Pokemon because those games offered the original trio. Pokemon Go does not offer Pikachu as a choice for your initial Pokemon, not directly at least. However, there is an easy way to get Pikachu as a starting Pokemon in Pokemon Go that requires you to walk around your neighborhood a bit, don't worry about not having to search for and catch a Pikachu.

Select Pikachu as the starting Pokmon in Pokemon Go

This method is simple but can be a bit complicated if your GPS is not accurate. Although it should work if you try it carefully. Here's how you can get Pikachu as a starting Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

When you first meet Professor Willow in Pokemon Go, he will offer you the original trio to choose one as the initial Pokemon. Instead of tapping on a Pokmon and catching it, move away from them. Keep walking until these three Pokemon disappear from the screen. When they disappear from the screen, you will see them again displayed at your current location. Don't choose one more. Keep walking and make them disappear from the screen. Repeat the same three times and when you pop up the fourth time, you will also see a fourth Pokemon, which Pikachu. Now you can touch Pikachu and take it as your first Pokemon.

Start with Pikachu to become a Pokemon master like Ash Ketchum

If you don't like the original trio of beginner Pokemon, this is the perfect way to start your journey with a Pikachu like Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon cartoon series. Also, keep in mind that Pikachu is no more powerful or better than the other three Pokemon, if anything it might be a little undertone compared to the other three. However, we all know that if anyone who has seen the Pokemon cartoon series is a little attached to Pikachu, then if this is your reason, don't hesitate and take Pikachu as the initial Pokemon.