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How to browse incognito on PC and Mac: complete guide

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Surfing incognito a need that has become even more pressing in recent years. This need stems from the increasing number of devices connected to the network. The main problem that every action we do on the internet is tracked and then resold for advertising or other purposes.

The need to sail incognito arises spontaneously. This does not mean leaving no trace of our online activities on the PC we are using (which is what happens when you activate the incognito mode on the main browsers like Google Chrome), but avoid that companies in the advertising sector trace our activities on the internet by linking these activities to our person.

The guide to navigate incognito on PC and Mac

Given this need, I went in search of a method to navigate incognito. With this term I indicate the need to leave no trace on the web of our activity and the sites we visit. There are several ways to do this, but most of them require the configuration of some services that are not for everyone.

By chance I became aware of a browser that incorporates these services and that does not require any configuration by the user. Once installed, ready to use. The browser in question is called TorBrowser and below we will explain why it is convenient to use it to navigate incognito.

Incognito with TorBrowser

TorBrowser use the network Tor to be able to work. The Tor network is a set of servers made available for free. They allow people to improve their privacy and security on the internet. Tor users use this network to connect to a website not directly but through a series of tunnel. This prevents specialized companies from obtaining personal information and compromising people's privacy.

Because we need Tor Browser

Using Tor you will be protected against the common forms of network surveillance known as traffic analysis. Traffic analysis can be used to understand who is talking to whom in a public network. By knowing the source and destination of your internet traffic, other people can track your behavior on the net and your interests. Tor cannot solve all the problems of anonymity, as it mainly deals with protecting the transport of your data on the internet. For this reason you need to use other protocols that rely on the Tor network to ensure more privacy and browse incognito. To do this, it comes to our aid Tor Browser.

Tor Browser a modified version of the famous browser Mozilla Firefox. The almost identical graphic appearance. But there are differences in terms of services that it can offer. It makes use of the Tor servers to work and integrates a whole series of protocols that guarantee us anonymity on the network and therefore a 360 degree incognito navigation.

How to install Tor Browser

To install Tor Browser very simple.

  • The first thing you need to do is connect to the official website of Tor Browser that you find here.
  • Your operating system will be recognized automatically, so the only thing you have to do is select the language and click on the button Download. Tor Browser compatible with Windows, Mac,Linux is Android (here the guide).
  • At the end of the download install TorBrowser.
  • Now run it and, when prompted, click Connect to allow the browser to automatically configure the connection to the Tor servers.
navigate incognito

At this point you won't have to configure anything anymore. You can start surfing incognito without worrying about being tracked when you connect to the internet.

Configure Tor to browse as if you were in another country

In addition to browsing in disguise, TorBrowser allows us to mask our geographical position. To do this, you need to edit the file torrc. a configuration file through which we must define which, every time we use TorBrowser, our connection must appear as made by a country other than ours. This file is in two different locations, depending on whether you use MacOS or Windows.

  • On Windows, this file is located in the folder TorBrowser (which most likely placed on the desktop) -> TorBrowser -> Data -> Tor.
  • On Mac, instead, April the Finder and holding down the key halt, click on Go place in the top bar and then select library. Now go to the folder Application Support -> TorBrowser-Date -> Tor.

After locating the file torrc, you can proceed with the modification.

  • Double click on the file torrc. A text editor will open.
  • At the end of the text file, paste these two strings:
ExitNodes {CH} StrictExitNodes 1

In my configuration file I entered the two letters CH. This way, when you navigate on the web, you will appear as a resident in Switzerland. In order to change country, just change the two letters with those of the country you prefer. For example, for Italy it is necessary to insert IT while for the United States US.

At this point you just have to save everything and start TorBrowser (if it is still open, close it and reopen it). From this moment on all your connections will appear as if they were made from a country other than yours.

I hope this article has helped you navigate the web incognito. If you have problems, doubts, curiosity or want to tell us another service to browse in incognito, let us know through the comments at the end of the article.