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How to become an influencer: 10 tips

How to become an influencer

How to become an influencer in the field that you are passionate about: here you will find 10 useful tips: there is nothing wrong with wanting to become an influencer, here's how to do it

How to become an influencer and live happily, because there is nothing wrong with wanting to be. For some the word influencer almost a dirty word, it is used with fear, but in reality many (if not all) want become an influencer, increase its influence on social networks. There is nothing wrong with wanting to become an influencer in your sector, for the theme that fascinates us, for sport, for music, for technology and undeniable that the ability to involve people, of to tell, to interest or to bring a brand closer to an audience is an increasingly important aspect of communication and marketing. Very often when one thinks of the ways in which to influence the marketing this is always done from the perspective of the brand, but more and more often it is those people we call influencers who make the difference, in particular, when it comes to involving a certain section of the public towards a specific product. Whoever becomes an influencer often instinctively knows what are the products and trends in your industry that you are passionate about, but succeed in thrill the others are not so simple.

How to become an influencer on social media

Becoming an influencer means making a career through a long journey that is not always successful, but if you want to increase your talent and try to increase the popularity of what you share, here are 10 tips that can help you out.

1. How to become an influencer: MAKE YOU VISIBLE

Being visible in the social media world not only means being online, but also offline. Becoming an influencer is not just something that concerns social media.

Exactly as a corporate brand would do, certainly you will need to humanize your brand, so your image, so that the public may feel a connection with you.

Influencers become influential because they are not only informed, but easily recognizable and also funny, because people also buy based on what is shared by pleasant people. Offline possible to become all there attending industry events; You can achieve this online by entering regular conversations about trending topics on social media. The underlying message that you should not go to increase your influence in an industry if you are not integrating into a community by making yourself visible. Become influential part with lbe recognized by people, so that you become familiar with your name.

2.How to become an influencer: CREATE CONTENT

THE content they are an integral component of the influencer world, so you will have to make sure that you are doing well what you are doing. A content an opportunity to demonstrate lightness of your knowledge and can put you in the position of being considered experts in a particular sector or topic. public it becomes a kind of jury and the perception that you will have of you, will be extremely important to increase your global influence.Inside an important content, have a link to relevant elements written by other influencers or brands. Sharing and interacting with the contents of other influencers will help you get exposure and social sharing on your website or blog. Try to accept opportunities to collaborate when offered to you. Not only will you have the opportunity to access one community, but to learn something. It is also necessary to ensure that you are offering something different than other influencers; the key is to intrigue, but never to alienate. If a reader will reach you content perceiving them as having gained something (in terms of interest and willingness to read you again), then you will have obtained followers.

Although we have suggested that you highlight the contents, we are not asking you to become content machines. Make sure you are giving I listen to the community to which you belong and pay attention to the contents that emerge in it. If you want a community to listen to you, first you need to be the first to listen. Your followers will be more interested in engaging with your posts, and knowing that you will do just as well a great way to make you out. Listening will also allow you to stay informed about what you are talking about at any time. In this way you will acquire more knowledge and information which you can then share with your audience.

4.How to become an influencer: DO NOT BECOME ANYTHING

Becoming an influencer does not mean entering any conversation that revolves around any popular topic at any given time; instead it is about sharing information in a specific area where you are competent and you can express yourself with passion. Focus on a general topic and a few minor topics, for example: are you a B2B marketing expert with a focus on social media and marketing content? Staying in this area will increase your legitimacy among influencers. When you are about to interact, ask yourself if you are going too far. If the answer is, then maybe you need to narrow down the focus.

5. How to become an influencer: THINK OF GAIN AS A BONUS

Having the aspiration to become the right influencer, but much more so when you try to inspire and educate on a certain topic. In any case, the reasons why many try to become influencers are purely financial. The best influencers, in reality, are those that increase their audience in an organic way in a specific sector, a sector that often has to do directly with their profession. These influencers become legitimate experts, doing what they do best with enthusiasm and the fact that they earn happens because they never took the money they receive, but rather, they live it as an extra. The financial purpose could affect the integrity of your way of putting yourself, causing you to take shortcuts to earn.


You will have to be patient, genuine and authentic, because becoming an influencer does not happen overnight. Becoming an influencer quickly is not only unrealistic, it will lead you to failures and disappointments before you actually start doing what you bet.

7.How to become an influencer: DO NOT STOP STUDYING AND TRAINING

Regardless of which branch you specialize in, remember that things change every day. Consequently, if you want to be considered as influential figures, you will need to be competent, but still gaining knowledge. Embrace the changes and comment on them as appropriate. You will have to ask yourself from time to time if you are providing information and opinions that your followers are unable to find anywhere else. Not providing all this implies that they will turn to others when they want to get the best information.

8.How to become an influencer: INVOLVE YOUR FOLLOWERS

The involvement is a two-way street and it is not possible to stand still and wait for the follow-up to come from s. You will have to be present exactly as you would like your followers to be with you. Followers are much more likely to engage with you if they believe there is a high probability that you engage with them. The more involvement you have on your websites, the more exposure you will get.


Hand in hand with the increase in exposure, the responsibilities increase and with them the control. There will be more and more eyes on you and on what you are saying and the most critical will see no time to catch your misstep. As true as you are human, and sometimes your language can run faster than your own thoughts, there will always be a need to think before posting online; especially since we entered the culture of "screen-shotting" (taking pictures on the screens). But it's not just about this, but also about posting appropriate content. Be sure to ask yourself: "What is I going to post? In line with the community? In line with the contents of other influencers? The message of my coherent content?"


Being an influencer not only means staying on top of trends, but being part of conversations and even moderating or guiding them. People are much more likely to remember the name of someone who has a unique point of view on things, or that of someone who has led them to reflect. Start conversations and debates on social media or post content on topics that are rarely touched, even if they were slightly controversial.

How to become an influencer