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How to add a Home touch screen iPhone and iPad

How to add a Home touch screen iPhone and iPad

You know that possible Add iPhone Home Touch Screen? Before the presentation of iPhone X, the Home button was the central button for iOS devices and probably the most important. the clear example that shows how using iOS devices is very easy. Just use a single button to return to the homescreen, regardless of where you are. On many Android devices, the HOME keys are software buttons that disappear within the applications, not having the ability to activate some important functions.

The physical button Homesui iOS devices, on the other hand, is always at your fingertips. Furthermore, users can double or triple click on the Home button to activate additional features such as Apple Pay. Did you know that iOS devices also have aHome touchscreen buttonwhich can also be activated on devices not equipped with the physical key like iPhone X? If you want more information, continue reading this article to find out how to have the iPhone touch screen Home button on the iPhone Home screen but also in the iOS apps.

Add Home button touch screen iPhone and iPad

Continuous use of the physical Homecom button means the button can compromise itself and no longer work properly, not effectively responding to every keystroke. This can really make the device frustrating, especially if you're using an older device like iPhone 4 / 4S that doesn't support gestures. If you also have the same problem or you have a device without a Home button and you lack the functionality of this button, then I advise you to activate the fantastic option AssistiveTouch,the Home touchscreen button that can be added on all iOS devices.

This function activates a virtual button on the screen, which can be easily moved and positioned wherever you want. It will always be visible and available, even when you open an app. There will no longer be a need to click on the physical button, except to activate the device when in standby (even if on the most recent iOS devices it is sufficient to lift the iPhone to turn on the screen).

How the iPhone and iPad touch screen Home key works

Enabling the Home touch screen button on iPhone and iPad is very simple and requires no advanced knowledge.

  • Open your iPhone or iPadSettings.
  • Go toGeneral-> accessibility.
  • Scroll down the page to the named section Interactionand click onAssistiveTouch.
  • On the next screen, activateAssistiveTouch using the special switch at the top of the page.

Home key touch screen iPhone 1

  • A white circle in a gray box will appear on the screen. Click on this white circle to expand it into a larger box.

Home key touch screen iPhone 2

The virtual Home button in the extended box works in the same way as the physical Home button. You can use it with a single touch, double touch or by long pressing it to allow you to activate the classic functions that we all know. The gray box remains visible and usable in all applications and you can move it freely around the screen.

Home key touch screen iPhone 3

Also, if you click on the button Device when the box is open, you will see a series of device functions such as the keys to increase or decrease the volume or activate or deactivate the audio. Selecting Other, finally, you will have the possibility to take a snapshot of the screen and many other functions.

Home key touch screen iPhone 4

With the Home touchscreen button iPhone and iPad you no longer need to click on the physical Home button nor on the side volume buttons, because after activating it you will have all the functions at your fingertips. Moreover, you have the possibility to have the home button again even on devices that do not have one like iPhone X.

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