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How robust is a Titanium?

logomacitynet1200wide 1

How robust is a Titanium? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The titanium case has probably misled the owner of a PowerBook G4, or more likely the laptop that ended up where it should not have been, in Sweden being someone who passed over a Titanium with a car weighing 17 quintals, 1 , 7 tons! What happened to the laptop? Not too bad given the situation … The monitor, the beautiful 15.2 ″ TFT Wide, inexorably shattered, not even a live pixell remained, but the rest of the machine does not seem to have suffered considerable damage! The owner, sure to have completely lost the laptop, made the last attempt to start it connected to an external monitor and …, surprise, the car started regularly. Of course, the repair of the monitor will not be cheap and probably the case will still keep the tire tracks for a long time also in some places visibly bent and cracked; compared to the alternative of having to buy back the whole laptop and having lost all its contents, however, the damage appears to us all in all acceptable!

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