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How much does iPhone 5 cost in Italy? 729 €

How much does iPhone 5 cost in Italy? 729 €


Here are the semi-official prices for iPhone 5 in Italy. As expected, we start at 729 for the 16GB model.

On September 28 the new iPhone 5 also arrives in Italy.

Do you want to know the price of the iPhone 5 in Italy?

As expected, our country will be the most expensive in all of Europe regarding the purchase of the new Apple smartphone.

At the moment we have no official confirmation on the price of the new iPhone 5, but we still have several clues available that allow us to have a fairly clear situation on what the final price of the iPhone 5 will be in our country.

If you are curious to find out the price of the iPhone 5 in Italy, then, here is the complete table.

This table, as you can see, allows you to cto compare iPhone 5 sales prices across Europe.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that theItaly is the country where, for a change, iPhone 5 will cost more.

IPhone 5 price in Italy

iPhone 5 in Italy will start from the price of 729 for the 16GB model.

Here is the complete table with the iPhone 5 prices:

In confirmation of what stated above, here is that an official Apple retailer has already published the sale prices of the new iPhone 5 on its website: it starts from 729 for the 16GB model to 949 for the 64GB model. It costs almost as much as a Mac.

In short, in the face of the crisis I would say.

Despite the exaggerated prices, however, I am sure that the queues to buy this new smartphone will not be lacking even in Italy.

Which of you will buy it?


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