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How many chances are there to see a folding iPad?

iPad pieghevole concept

Increasingly insistent rumors about a possible presentation of a foldable iPad: Apple could present it within one or two years with 5g connectivity and Macbook size

iPad folding concept(Photo: LunaDisplay)

The hypotheses of an are becoming more and more insistent and concrete iPad foldable. All started from sources within Ihs Markit that they indicated Apple as aligned with Microsoft in the development of a device with flexible display.

According to these rumors it would be just an iPad and not an iPhone the device in question, therefore with the new operating system iPad Os and equipped with the latest version of Apple's proprietary processors. According to Jeff Lin of Ihs Markit, the dimensions would be comparable to those of a MacBook, but it is not yet clear if the diagonals would be more oriented towards the 13 inches, bigger or even more compact. You can probably imagine about 12.9 inches, a cut already touched by iPad Pro.

What is certain that – as long as it is later confirmed – it is not possible in time for 2019 and therefore the device could debut in 2020 together with the first iPhone models equipped with a 5G module or even in 2021. Even the flexible iPad can be connected to the new generation networks.

Certainly a lot will also depend on how the two big names who have already officially played will behave, that is Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, however, both of them postponed compared to the original launch. The Korean for serious problems during the preliminary test phase and the Chinese colleague to be able to better refine the structure pending the commercial debut.

Apple, which ultimately chases rivals rather than anticipating them, would take an essay period of reflection to see how companies will behave and adapt accordingly.

How to open the foldable iPad? It is not yet clear if it will be a book structure or with sides that can be rolled up. Or even with double folds to compact even more space. Of the three, the first hypothesis seems to be the most feasible, but they are only hypotheses.

It must also be considered that the latest iPads aim concretely at dockable physical keyboards. The folding structure should meet this need, so a central fold would make everything more practical.


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