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How iPad simplifies university life between notes and slides

How iPad simplifies university life between notes and slides

iPad simplifies university life

The University students they are every day grappling with the printing of the slides, lecture notes and books that are made available by the teacher. For those who follow six / seven exams per year, being behind the printing of all these documents leads not only to a waste of time, but also to money outings. Today for I have a solution for you, which will save money and useful time for studying. The only thing you need will be yours iPad and a couple of apps that will make your (university) life easier. Let's see how an iPad simplifies university life.

iPad simplifies university life

These that I propose are mainly professional apps that do their job well and therefore you will not regret having eventually purchased them. The iPad, with the latest Pro versions and the use of best accessories, is increasingly becoming a notebook, with which to be able to perform various activities, not neglecting those of a student.

Take notes in class

Follow the lessons and make notes for a student in the daily routine. Many use a text editor installed on a computer or iPad. This method becomes ineffective for an engineering or math student, as they often struggle with writing formulas and drawing graphs. So how can we abandon pen and paper? The solution is a simple and functional application on the App Store: Noteshelf.

Currently its price of 10.99 but it can save you a lot of money by not having to buy notebooks anymore. Started the application on iPad, you'll find yourself in front of an iBooks-style bookcase. It will collect all your notebooks / notes. To create a new notebook, simply select the "New". After inserting a title in the notebook and choosing the paper model you want to use (lines, squared, etc.), you must select "Create".

In the editor you will find everything you need. The functional application both if you want to write freehand (with Apple Pencil) and if you want to write via the iOS keyboard. The tools available are many. From the pen, of which you can choose the thickness and color, to the highlighter, passing through the eraser, inserting images or typing text using the keyboard.

But there are two most important functions that differentiate Noteshelf from other commercial applications. The first is the protection of the wrist, which allows you to rest your wrist while writing with the nib without affecting it while writing. The second, which prompted me to use this application, the zoom of the work area, which allows a more precise and faster writing. Thanks to these functions, it is possible to take notes in a complete way, as it is possible to type text, draw graphics and write formulas.

Organize notes and lecture notes

The next step to verify how an iPad simplifies university life, to re-read the notes and study the slides and lecture notes made available by the teacher. The advice I can give you to better manage these documents is to download the application PDF Expert, free with in-app purchases from 6.99.

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<p>Through this application you can not only easily organize our PDFs, but also annotate, highlight, insert images and do much more with our documents. Transfer the notes you wrote with <strong>Noteshelf</strong> up <strong>PDF Expert</strong>  very simple. Just export the notes written with in PDF format <strong>Noteshelf </strong>using iTunes, email, Dropbox, etc. and then import them on <strong>PDF Expert</strong>. The advice I can give you manage all documents through <strong>Dropbox</strong>, so that you can manage folders synchronized in the cloud directly via <strong>PDF Expert</strong>.</p>
<h3><span class=Scan documents

It may happen that some friends send you notes or that the teachers give some paper documents to study. If you want to transfer these documents to yours too iPad all you have to do is scan them. Without a scanner, the application can help you Pro by Readdle scanner, purchasable for the price of 4:49. As the name implies, it works exactly like a scanner. It allows you to photograph your documents, select the edges of the images and export to Dropbox the PDF file with the scan of all the material you want to bring up iPad. From DropBox you can import them into PDF Expert to study and annotate them.

Keep track of books and notes

During your university studies you will have several books or notes to manage and you may lose track of some important texts you don't know you have. I propose you Book Track, an app that allows you to catalog all your books, handouts and notes and keep them always at hand. The app available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Mac and synchronizes automatically on all compatible platforms.

Book Track for iOS and Mac allows you to perform a simple operation: catalog all the books you have purchased and manage a wish list of the books you want to buy in the future. One of its strengths is the simplicity of use and the curated graphics, in line with the iOS design.

On the page dedicated to each book, view the cover. Scrolling the view shows the Book's title, L'author, the gender, the number of pages, one short description, the TAG and the Series to which it belongs. To facilitate the search, you can activate a filter using the appropriate icon. There are 4 types of filters: filters by tag, by gender, by author and for reading status (show only read, unread or all books). also present the possibility of sort books by title, date of insertion, by name, author and for Series. The app price of 3.49.


We have seen how an iPad simplifies university life, covering all aspects of the study with all very valid tools. What I wanted to communicate with this article how to use theiPad during the study. All the result of personal experience. Obviously there are many other applications that can help the student. If you want to share them with us, you can write your personal experiences through the comments.