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How fast the ADSL speed should be

The connections ADSL to access the Internet at home, they have well-defined nominal speed values ??which, in the majority of cases, differ, for purely technical reasons, from the real values ??of both the download speed and the upload speed. But how much should the ADSL speed be?

If you are wondering how fast the ADSL speed should be to receive an answer you must first define some details about your rate. Depending on the offer active on your telephone line, the nominal connection speed of your ADSL may be different. Most of the rates available on the market today include unlimited connections with maximum download speed of 20 Mega.

If you use an offer dating back to a few years ago it is possible that your maximum browsing speed could be equal to 7 Mega in download. To know the nominal speed of your ADSL you must contact the customer service of your telephone operator who will provide you with all the information regarding your rate.

As mentioned above, there is one substantial difference between nominal speed, specified in the subscription contract with the operator, and actual speed.

How much should the ADSL speed be? To measure the actual speed of your ADSL, make sure that your Internet line is not used by other devices which could reduce the effective bandwidth available to your PC that will perform the test via an Internet browser.

For safety, disconnect all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and other connected PCs from your network and start the speed measurement test of your network by clicking on The speed test begins. The test will provide you with precise data on the maximum download and upload speed of your connection which you will have to compare with the nominal values ??communicated by the operator to understand the actual quality of your Internet network.

Among the test results you will also find some of the best ADSL offers currently available on the market that will allow you to have a clearer idea also about the costs of the rates to access the Internet from home.

It is important to emphasize that if your home is reached by fiber optics by switching to an offer that allows you to access the Internet via ultra-broadband, you can significantly improve the speed of your connection. The optical fiber, in fact, clearly superior to normal ADSL. The offers with FTTC fiber, in fact, allow to reach 30 or 50 Mega in download while the transition to FTTH fiber allows to reach 100 Mega and, with some operators and for now only in some geographic areas, overcome this limit and be able to access to the Internet at an even faster rate.

The transition from an ADSL connection to a connection via fiber optic network is a real one generational step forward that will allow you to access the web in a much better way. For example, through optical fiber it will be possible to take full advantage of the many streaming video content services (films, TV series, documentaries) that, in recent months, have become increasingly popular.