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How Facebook Events works, the app that tidies up appointments

Social network events needed some order, and so the company invents another way to never leave the platform

eventsThe Events application

Facebook tidies up the controversial world of events by launching a dedicated app. According to the data provided by the company, 100 million people use them every day to find out what is happening nearby. Until now, however, to extricate oneself from the innumerable offer of not all useful appointments, let's say it has not been very easy.

How does it workThe new app in its own right available for now on iOS only in the United States, and soon also on Android offers to help in the discovery and management of the events that interest us. Some events will be presented on the home page immediately, based on those in which the owners are interested, those proposed by the Pages that the user follows and those related to events in which they have already taken part.HomeEvents

For deeper research, the app catalogs events based on the period (today, tomorrow, next weekend), proximity and interests (music, theater, etc.). a calendar function, to see when a commitment has already been made, not only via Facebook: in fact, you can also add the appointments on your iPhone calendar and integrate them.


It is clear that the new application is another of the thousand ways Facebook tries to keep its users as much as possible within the platform, in addition to ensuring that scheduled events are also visible via Facebook with a space dedicated to finding appointments in the area. social network guarantees interactions within it, greater visibility of individual Events (so that those who have the Pages can also do more, measuring their success) and further information on their members.


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