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How does the USB anti mosquito lamp work and above all it works?

Come funzionano gli amazza zanzare USB e soprattutto funzionano?

Occasionally even Hi-tech products need to be accompanied by some low-tech device that allows an exploitably effective and so useless to watch the World Cup match or the movie streaming in front of the latest TV or listen to the Airplay speakers if you are surrounded of annoying mosquitoes: but are the latest generation anti-mosquito lamps with USB plug able to eliminate them?

With the summer, the annoying insects have returned to make themselves felt and there are plenty of the oldest electrical remedies based on capture and frying that have always marked our sensitivity towards insects.

How does the USB anti mosquito lamp work and above all it works?

How does it work

The USB anti mosquito lamp does not have the contraindications for the bad smell of the burnt insect because it uses a more subtle system for carry out the mosquito kill: attracts it with a bewitching light (on a wavelength of 365 Nanometers in the Ultra Violet field) and then thanks to a large fan at low rotation speed it captures it to discharge it in a sort of torture chamber with many small holes that prevent it to go out and at the same time allow the air conveyed by the fan to come out creating a dehydration effect on the insects contained.

The very simple principle and the electronic elements to produce a device of this type are basic: a large fan with low rotation speed that limits the noise towards the human who must cohabit (many times sleeping) with the anti mosquito lamp and a series of LEDs positioned at the support base in the shape of an inverted cone and able to illuminate a grid usually black in color with a white background that amplifies the visibility of the LEDs in question.

It should therefore come as no surprise that devices of this type quickly populated international online stores and Chinese direct sales with the most curious variants from the design point of view but always with the same basic structure: inverted cone with lights, fan and chamber dehydration: in fact, we are already in the second generation with greater efficiency and quieter fans.

How does the USB anti mosquito lamp work and above all it works?

The trick to sell them everywhere and make them use everywhere

The rapid availability of such an object worldwide is the result of a trick that is common to most of the low-consumption electronic devices: the classic power supply has disappeared to make way for a very common USB plug that will allow you to use mosquito killers everywhere: at home connected to a power supply, in the car connected to a converter but especially in the garden or in any corner you want with a normal USB battery that you use to charge a mobile phone.

But do they really work? The trick c!

To read the reviews on Amazon and similar sites there are those who declare themselves enthusiastic and who are very disappointed: it obviously depends on the number of mosquitoes caught!

And the trick to catch mosquitoes only one: use the device in the dark or in very low lights.

We have experimented with one of these models (you can find it below) which as mentioned has characteristics common to many others and, thanks to a 14.000mAh charger, we kept it on for 4 days by moving it to various areas of the more or less illuminated house, making it work day and night in rooms that normally have 3 or 4 annoying mosquitoes that roam ready to sting (we have mosquito nets but also a cat that crosses them as if they didn't exist).

Well, after checking the contents of the dehydrator cylinder in various stages, we could see that, as expected, the system does not work absolutely during the day but very effective at night, even in the presence of a TV turned on in the living room or a dim light in garden.

Mosquitoes approach enchanting LEDs only if they do not have distracting light sources and only if the rest of the room in dim light and the lights in complete shadow. Obviously the maximum effect is obtained with the room in the dark.

The advices

The simplest advice to save energy and make mosquito killers work only in darkened rooms or maybe if you have a room that houses a small child to darken and close it in the afternoon to eliminate mosquitoes and maybe to place the device out of his sight when he sleeps inside of.

The same can also be done with adults: the sight of the LED lights at that frequency attracts mosquitoes but annoying for your sleep while the fan is sufficiently bearable (it always depends on your sensitivity and the number of turns and the shape of the blades that affect the generated noise).

The availability of a USB battery makes the whole device truly versatile.


In short, if you don't want to use manual capture, the systems of attract and fry with bad smells and sinister noises and the evil tablet systems or the old spray that then leave the corpses around the room, the USB mosquito amazza systems can be effective and non-polluting: just use them carefully and don't be afraid to perform the sad ritual of emptying the tank with the mosquitoes dehydrated inside.

The USB mosquito killer to buy

Below we present the model we tested available on both Amazon and Gearbest. As said, the differences with the other more than functional models are aesthetic and some of these also have a hinged opening container or a more refined aesthetic.

The anti-mosquito lamp with fan that we tried the one on offer at 13 Euros on GearBest: find the image below and the link for purchase on this page.How do USB mosquito bugs work and above all do they work?

The same product on offer in the last few hours became available on Amazon for 11.99 Euros. It also exists in the black variant.