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How Alexa Calls and Messages work and Drop In Alexa

Come funzionano le Chiamate e i Messaggi Alexa e Drop In Alexa

After seeing how Alexa is installed on iOS and Android we see some special features to be explored.

If there is one aspect in which Alexa devices are distinguished from other smart speaker management systems, the ability to function as a message center and intercommunication between similar devices, but much more can be done: the Drop In function, for example, allows you to communicate to everyone in the house that dinner is ready or to ask to bring something from the fridge downstairs or you can send a message from the office or the car communicating the time when you will arrive home.

Call Alexa and Drop In

Obviously if you have access to the Alexa of friends or family you can communicate with them directly without having to use the phone or without having a cell phone at home.

Finally, an Announcement mode is available (currently available only in some countries and not in Italy) that allows the broadcast of one to many without the possibility of answering: the typical example is the Bureau and the classes or the kitchen and all the rooms of the home.

Cos Drop in and how do you enable it?

How to install Alexa in Italian on iPhone and AndroidThe Drop In mode allows you to make remote calls

Drop in allows you to call one of the Alexa devices from your home: it can be useful to warn someone in the house when you are away or it can work as an intercom between different rooms if you are lucky enough to live in many square meters or on several floors. If you have a device with video like Echo Spot you can drop in with video. The Drop In works basically with only the devices registered on your Alexa App but you can broaden its range of action by making sure that relatives and friends allow you to drop in on your devices. Even without them answering or accepting the call.

Which devices support Drop In calling?

– Amazon Echo – Amazon Echo Dot – Amazon Echo Show (not available in Italy) – Amazon Echo Spot – Amazon Echo Plus

How to start a Drop In call from your device?

The system works without problems with the devices you have at home and you should assign a different name for each of them. We have called the devices simply Alexa (our Echo plus) and Echo (our Echo Dot) as the respective activation words: at this point you will have to say Alexa, Drop In on Echo, your speaker will answer you twice Echo Dot's, right? If you don't answer Quite right the drop in call does not work and you hear a stop sign. If respondent Quite right communication is activated in both directions with a hands-free intercom. Obviously be careful to switch it off when necessary otherwise it becomes an espionage system inside the house. To stop it just say Alexa, Stop Drop In.

How to call other houses and phones with Alexa from your home or smartphone

You can use the Drop In system as an intercom between two different houses with family and friends.Drop In also works between different Alexa groups such as the home of a relative or close friend: this must first of all be registered in your address book and you must allow the Alexa application to access your contacts: you can call them from Alexa with the exact name with which they appear in your address book, if you want to call them just say Alexa calls Tizio Caio and if you have Echo Spot you can decide to activate or deactivate the video always with a voice command Alexa, turn off video or touch the screen to perform the same operation.

If you don't want to be disturbed with Drop In you can ask Alexa directly Alexa, don't disturb me and then Alexa, turn off don't disturb me to reactivate drop in.

Call from the Alexa App

Obviously you can call from your smartphone wherever you are directly on the home echoes: a data call and then you can do it from both 3G and Wi-Fi.Baster choose Drop In from the messaging tab and click on the name that is available for calls.

Call Alexa

The Drop In function can be convenient with close relatives and close friends but it could be a little invasive in the homes of people we know less: enough that they do not authorize us for Drop In to avoid such close relationships or temporarily activate the do not disturb but this it may not be enough.

At the same time we can always use Alexa Calls or Alexa messages from within the application or directly from Echoes. First of all, your correspondent must have an Alexa App active or Echoes activated. At this point from the contact directory of your application or simply from an Echo. all you have to do is press the name on the list and / or say Alexa, call Tizio Caio and leave a call waiting for the other party to open the communication Attention: if our contact has the Alexa App or an Echo activated the call will be under Alexa otherwise the App will try to open the Phone app and the interface will be completely different: pay attention to it. Obviously you must have authorized the Alexa app to use the normal phone call previously.

How Alexa Calls and Messages work and Drop In AlexaAlexa messages

If you think that a call may be a nuisance, you can send both a text message (which will be converted by Alexa) and a voice message by recording it inside the Alexa app itself. Your Echo will issue a note upon receiving a new message and you can check it immediately or after a few minutes How do you check the messages received? Just ask: Alexa, read the messages I received the answer will be Nno new message, do you want to listen to previous messages?, or There are du messages for Caius Sempronius and then read the messages Test message, received at half past seven or Test message 2, received right nowIf an Alexa voice message is received, it will announce that it is a different type of message. The messages are always available and must be deleted from the Alexa App on the smartphone.

Alexa Classifieds

This mode, as mentioned, is NOT currently available in Italy but should arrive in the future and will work practically as a one-way intercom that is installed in schools and supermarkets: in practice the message sent by your single Echo is sent to all the other Echoes of the house: you will have to say Alexa, announces that lunch is ready and the message will be sent to all Echoes without a reply unless a Drop In communication is activated later.

To conclude: Alexa offers a lot of communication options between Alexa devices and Smartphones with App, Open calls, intercommunication and all through the Wi-Fi connection to the internet creating new opportunities to keep in touch with relatives and friends and offering in some cases (yes think of an elderly person alone at home, a person with reduced mobility) the possibility of communicating simply and immediately.

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