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Honeywell C1 review, the Wi-Fi security camera

Having a smart and smart home, nowadays, no longer requires out of range outlays. Especially in the security sector, where it is possible to create your own efficient video surveillance system, with low costs, but with absolutely high quality. Among the most active brands in the Honeywell sector, of which I have already proposed the review of the water leak detector of the Lyric series. This time we focus on the C1 WiFi security camera, which of course is controlled remotely, thanks to the dedicated smartphone app.

The aesthetics of this respectable Honeywell C1. The room has a mix of rounded shape, with other more squared elements, which make it absolutely original in the panorama of video surveillance cameras. Of course, the appearance is not the part that matters most in such a peripheral, but C1 looks really good, minimal and with a modern look, able to match any furnishing style.

It does not have batteries, but must be connected to the power outlet, naturally included in the sales bundle, for correct operation. On the lower part of the room, by lifting the pedestal, in addition to being able to insert a microSD, you can also connect the power cable, which will come out from the part below, in a rather neat way.


First of all a photographic unboxing, so to understand directly what is contained in the sales package.

Honeywell C1 review, the Wi-Fi security camera

First configuration

After the first ignition of the chamber, the peripheral will take a few minutes before starting in pairing mode, also underlined by an acoustic beep. The first thing to do is to download the support app, available free for iOS and Android. From here it will be sufficient to create a Honeywell profile, access the app and click on the "+". From the list shown on the screen, choose room C1 and then follow the information on the screen. For convenience, we report all the screens of the first configuration, but it is a simple and affordable procedure, which does not require any technical knowledge.

Honeywell C1 review, the Wi-Fi security camera


The use of HoneyWell C1 is even simpler than configuration. It is interesting to note that at the first start, unlike almost all similar products, the app enables Geofencing operation: the camera is activated only when the user's smartphone is away from the room, therefore when the user is away from home. On the contrary, it will remain off when the user is at home. Obviously, it is possible to eliminate this behavior and decide to turn on / off the room manually, but geofencing is the ideal solution: a security room is mainly used when you are away from home.

Honeywell C1 review, the Wi-Fi security camera

On the first start, again, the app will suggest the user to set a visual area within which the room will send the user an alarm signal: for example, you can decide to exclude the low area of ​​the floor from the monitored air thus allowing a pet to be able to run around the house without waking up the room.

C1, in fact, able to record a short clip every time it records a movement in the area predefined by the user, thus being able to send a notification or an alarm email. Similarly, at the first start, the app will also request to set the alarms for the acoustic signals: the camera will detect the sounds in the room, alerting the user with a short clip, in addition to a notification or an alarm email.

Honeywell C1 review, the Wi-Fi security camera

Through the application, the user will be able to see on the first screen, even when away from home, the live video stream taken by the camera. You can take a snapshot, or even send voice messages, as if the camera also acted as an intercom.

Honeywell C1 review, the Wi-Fi security camera

How does it work

The video quality of C1 of 720p, more than enough for a video surveillance camera. It is of an excellent quality and the video is reproduced in a very clear and detailed way. The quality sensor. This is also demonstrated by the fact that Honeywell C1 does not miss a beat in detecting movements and audio: during our tests we have always received notifications of movement in a timely manner, so much so that when you are advised to turn off the room at home, in order to avoid receive hundreds of movement notifications. While with other security cameras we had lost some movement, this Honeywell proved to be a real guarantee.


The price of HoneyWell C1, probably higher than that of many other competitors on the market. It is also true, however, that the quality of the camera is absolutely appreciable and its operation is always precise and punctual in recording clips when movement is detected. It is a higher-end camera than other exponents on the market, but which ensures reliability.

It integrates into the Honeywell's Lyric system which also includes the W1KS water leak detectorand iHoneywell T6 and T6R thermostats that we tested on this macitynet page and that, unlike the detector camera, also compatible with Homekit.


  • Nice design
  • excellent materials
  • Motion detection and sending notifications always accurate
  • Automatic shutdown options via geofencing


  • Higher price of competitors


On Amazon it can be purchased, at the time of writing, at a price of about 103 euros.