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Homey now communicates in Italian: how to bring the handyman home automation gateway into our language: it displays everything on Homekit

Homey ora comunica in Italiano: come impostare nella nostra lingua il gateway domotico tuttofare che espone tutto su Homekit

Homey now communicates in Italian: how to bring the home-made home automation gateway to our language: it displays everything on Homekit – Homey now communicates in Italian: how to set up in our language the all-round home automation gateway that displays everything on Homekit

We have thoroughly reviewed Athom's Homey home automation gateway in the past months and we are using it profitably in our test installation with many new peripherals that we will give you an account of. One of the few concerns we had about acceptance to the general public was the unavailability of an Italian version of the control software.

The problem has been solved and that as the developers had promised us in Spring a new version that manages the interface in Italian has arrived. Even if there is no online help in our language and some online pages such as those of the insights (the measurements) are still in English, the translation of the menus will make the gateway's capabilities more accessible to a wide audience.

To activate the Italian language there is a simple procedure that we illustrate below.

First of all you need to download the version of the online application from 9 August or a later version. Then, once installed, you need to update the main software driver to version 2.5.1 which loads the Italian translation and finally go to the application settings and select the Italian language.

Once the procedure has been followed, the interface will be the one you see in the screens below (equivalent for iOS and Android).

As you can see, some of the communications remain in English as well as online help, but we are confident of a progressive "Italianization" of push communications and FAQs as well. In the meantime, we invite you to read our full review.

Homey in the standard version can be purchased for 299 Euro including VAT on Amazon.

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