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HomePod clues: will support HomeKit scenes and recognize different voices

HomePod clues: will support HomeKit scenes and recognize different voices

Announced in 2017, HomePod's debut on the market seems imminent, also due to the FCC certification that Apple has obtained. Yet new details emerge, found in the latest iOS 11 beta released to developers. Here is what we found out about the integration of HomePod into the scenes, settings that can be customized for different smart devices that the user can activate with a single click or voice command.

HomePod, not a mystery, will be equipped with Siri on board, the voice assistant of Cupertino, already known to all owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac. Apple's intelligent speaker will therefore be able to control the smart appliances in the house, compatible HomeKit, but will have advanced features, thanks to the possibility of setting different scenes.

This is revealed by a tweet by Filipe Esposito of iHelp, who discovered new icons in the latest beta of iOS 11. The trial version of the Apple mobile system, which includes the Home app, offers new icons that seem to show some new potential of HomePod.

The first icon in the top left corner shows multiple iOS devices near the smart speaker, while the microphone deactivation is indicated in HomePod. According to the developer, this function will probably be used to disable voice activation via Siri on HomePod, while the user can continue to use voice commands to manage lights, temperature and other smart home functions.

There is also an icon showing two HomePod speakers, which could indicate the possibility of pairing two different speakers, to spread the audio even more incisively within the home environment, in the same room or in different rooms, useful for example also for parties and parties.

A third new feature not yet announced by Apple concerns the recognition of multiple voices. Some lines of the code in the iOS beta seem to indicate that HomePod will be able to recognize the voice of several people on the fly, not only to listen and execute voice commands but also with the possibility of personalized settings and behaviors for each user.

Recall that in recent days several clues have emerged that point to an imminent launch for the first smart speaker of Cupertino. Advances last week indicated the start of the first shipments of HomePod to Apple by one of the contract manufacturers, while more recently HomePod obtained the certification of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Federal Commission that among other things deals with the regulation concerning the uses of the radio spectrum. By now, there seems to be very little lack of marketing, remember that HomePod will initially be available only in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia.