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HomeKit support for Amazon Ring is coming

Amazon Ring

HomeKit support for Amazon Ring – is coming soon Amazon Ring

Amazon apparently ready to integrate technology support HomeKit Apple in the Ring devices, a brand for the video surveillance smart home purchased about a year ago.

Ring had long promised HomeKit support but some inconvenience forced the company several times to postpone official support. It now appears that the technology will be integrated into Video Doorbell Pro is Spotlight Camdevices that have obtained the HomeKit certification (at least this is clear from the pages that list the brands that boast Apple's Mfi certification).

According to what the site reports 9to5MacRing postponed the introduction of HomeKit support from 2016 to 2018, a move that some had viewed with concern, leaving it in doubt as to whether the support would actually come.

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The certification now shows that Amazon has taken the necessary steps but it is not clear when the support will actually arrive. At this point it is just a matter of having patience but the support of Apple's now safe platform.

In the meantime, a competitor should also arrive with a product announced last January with release more or less in June 2019: the smart bell with Netatmo Video that will surely be immediately compatible with Homekit. Other news on the Homekit support for doorbells and other safety devices are as usual expected for the June developer conference: we will talk about it in our section dedicated toWWDC19.

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