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HomeKit, Apple's home automation will understand where exactly the user is

Homekit, la domotica Apple arriva a Casa su Mac: la guida di Macitynet

HomeKit, Apple's protocol that allows you to safely connect home appliances and manage lights, thermostats, closing and opening doors and garages and so on, in the future could integrate geofencing determining the user's position with an accuracy of a few meters, showing what the user may actually need to check.

what emerges in a patent which speaks of "perception of home location", registered with the Patent and Trademark Office U.S. and tracked down by the Appleinsider website. The standard Home app with iOS and macOS Mojave allows you to control various accessories by specifying the name of the object and the room to which it is associated. It is also possible to organize the accessories in groups, for example the lights, to manage them with a single accessory. Everything can be controlled manually or with Siri: just touch an accessory (or click an accessory on the Home app for MSC) and then identify and adjust the additional settings, such as brightness, color and temperature, etc.

In the Apple patent, reference is made to the possibility of taking into account the position by showing objects on the Home app screen based on where the user is at that moment (for example, the living room, bedroom, garage, etc. .). Apple explains that the user tends to perform the same activities when he is in a certain environment and the idea of ​​showing on the reference screen the objects with which he may actually need to act. The system designed by Apple takes into account the physical address (MAC address) of the various wireless devices, the Bluetooth address, the strength of the signal received, parameters such as theUniversally Unique identifier (acronym UUID, in Italian "universal unique identifier", an identifier used in software infrastructures).

Illustration in Apple's patent showing objects identified by the Home appIllustration in the Apple patent showing objects identified by the Home app

Taking into account the various parameters that can be obtained from the connected objects, it is actually possible to understand where the user is with his iOS device and allow you to control certain lights, sensors, thermostats, etc.

As of iOS 11, Apple's HomeKit technology has improved support for activating commands based on presence detection, time of day and type of accessory. It is possible to create "geofences" that activate "scenes" at a certain distance from home, for example turning on a group of lights or turning them off when no one is found in the house. However, new advanced features are always welcome and, in combination with Siri Shortcuts (set up a simple voice command to start a series of activities), the possibilities could really be infinite.