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HomeCam shows multiple HomeKit cameras on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

HomeCam mostra più telecamere HomeKit su iPhone, iPad e Apple Watch

All HomeKit cameras live Live from a single application. And in short what HomeCam offers, an application that allows you to control the house by collecting in a single screen the preview of what is framed by each of the cameras installed between the various rooms.

Defined by several newspapers as one of the most useful implementations of Siri's shortcuts made to date, the HomeCam app shows live cameras through a simple request through Apple's voice assistant. Taking a look at your home has never been easier.

By selecting the preview of a video camera, it is possible to view the video flow in full screen, accompanied by the data collected by the other HomeKit accessories installed in the room such as temperature, humidity and air quality, also offering quick access, for example, to the management of lights and to the regulation of the thermostat .

HomeCam shows multiple HomeKit cameras on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

From this screen you can also use the speaker and microphone integrated in the selected video camera to communicate live with other people in the room, also activating the zoom to take a closer look at a specific area of ​​the frame.

Access to the HomeCam app protected by the access code or, for the latest devices, it is also possible to opt for unlocking via Touch ID or Face ID, thus preventing any unauthorized access to strangers. A Widget for the iOS main screen is also available to the user, which offers a preview of the cameras designated as Preferred by the user.

To find out all Homekit cameras, we refer you to this macitynet guide.

HomeCam a universal application for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. You can buy on the App Store at the price of 5.49 euros by clicking here.