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HoloLens, for sale at $ 3,000 the developer kit

Microsoft Hololens gaming Conker virtual reality

The $ 3,000 pre-orders for the Microsoft HoloLens Development Kit for developers are now open, including the Conker game and more

The $ 3,000 pre-orders for the Microsoft HoloLens development kit are now open and new information regarding the first titles included with the augmented reality viewer has also been released. The viewer will be distributed to developers with the Conker game, reported by Forbes and the Reddit website. Pre-orders were opened on February 29th with the first units being delivered on March 30th. In the Development Edition kit there will be numerous video tutorials and other documentation, as well as three games made by Microsoft. One of these Young Conker, a Rare Nintendo 64 video game that will now return thanks to the HoloLens viewer. Developed by Asobo Studios, Conker interacts with the real environment in which the player is found. It means that every person will have a unique game set and a personalized experience, since every environment in which they play will be unique said Kudo Tsunoda from Microsoft. It will be enough to move from the living room to the kitchen or bedroom to start playing a new game completely different from the previous one. For the price of $ 3,000 the developers will be able to buy the kit that includes the viewer (which does not require additional hardware). Microsoft has published an official post on the availability of HoloLens Development Edition and has released a trailer for Young Conker.

The other two games that will be included are RoboRaid and Fragments. The latter takes players to a crime scene that takes place in the living room. The wearer of the visor will play the role of the investigator trying to solve the crime. Tsunoda commented Fragments shortens the distance between the digital and the real world. When your living room becomes the set of a story, the resulting experience becomes important, a new form of storytelling never seen before. A series of apps not belonging to the gaming world will be included with the HoloLens kit, including HoloStudio (which allows developers to create in 3D) and a special version of the messaging service Skype. Another app included will be HoloTour, for a virtual 360 experience with panoramic display of places like Rome and Machu Picchu. The release date and the price for the consumer version of HoloLens has not yet been announced.

Microsoft Hololens gaming Conker virtual reality