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Holocaust victims attack iMussolini and Apple

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iMussolini continues to be talked about, indeed the application containing some speeches by Benito Mussolini appeared a few days ago on the App Store and currently in first place in the sales of the Apple store, ends up on the pages of all newspapers worldwide and in the course in the last few hours it also gains the attention of an association of Holocaust survivors who attacks, precisely because of iMussolini, even Apple, accused of caring only for the economic aspect of its activity

"IMussolini – writes in a note distributed to press agencies including AFP, Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants – a real insult to the memory of the victims of fascism and Nazism, Jewish and non-Jewish, and he should be condemned for his offenses to decency and reality. " In the sights of Steinberg as well as Luigi Marino, the developer who created iMussolini, also Apple. The approval of the application, says the representative of the victims of the Sho, "a reckless act, the surrender to the most sinister logic of the market", obviously referring to the alleged exclusive attention to profit that is obtained from a program that sells a a thousand copies a day.

iMussolini (subtitle: The man who changed Italian history) for several days at the center of a series of articles in the Italian press as well as for the content, made up essentially of historical documents, including 100 speeches by the Duce and audio contributions and videos, not commented, for what is happening on the App Store in the comments section. The publication of the application has triggered a veritable flood of proclamations by the two parties, in favor and against the fascist dogma, which have little or nothing to do with the program itself, as much as with the political beliefs of those who publish them. Countless messages containing insults and very poorly articulated thoughts.

Apple seems to have been surprised by the events, but now, under pressure, announces that it wants to remove the posts that are not inherent in the application, thus trying to repair the damage produced not only by the controversial issue but also by an uncritical approval of dozens of messages that do not contribute to the dignity of the service.

Marino in the text that illustrates the application seems to have become aware of the situation and invites the suspension of the verbal battle. The developer also points out that the application was not written to praise fascism (which would have marked, in the words of Martino himself "a sad page in our history, a period marked by the lights and shadows of the regime") but as a document. In the meantime, it also announces that a new version with updated contents "including all the works of fascism!" Will be released soon.

iMussolini is not the first application linked to the historical period of the Second World War and to the controversial figures that marked it to land on the App Store. Last fall, eBook developer Ricardo Reyes published Mi Lucha, the Spanish version of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. Even in that case, the author had specified that it was a historical document and that there was no apologetic intent, demonstrating the substantial series of books in eBook format published by him and spanning various fields. Apple, however, had immediately removed the application which, however, had arrived very high in the sales of the Spanish App Store in a few days; for iMussolini the developer would receive direct guarantee from the store managers that the program will remain on sale instead.