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Holife Review, Handyman Mini Vacuum Cleaner, Cheap and Powerful


Our first and only vacuum cleaner dates back to about fifteen years ago, when we were totally disappointed by what turned out to be a product that was barely able to pull some breadcrumbs from the tablecloth. Having received one on trial in the last few weeks, we wanted to give a second opportunity to this category of product, trusting the evolution made in this long period of time. The overall opinion is almost positive: with Holife's you have a powerful vacuum cleaner in your hand to clean the tablecloth in a few seconds but also to remove animal hair from the sofa and even capable of sucking for example the water of a glass wrongly spilled on the table .


In the box

In addition to the vacuum cleaner, the box contains a spare filter, a brush for cleaning the internal components, a base for recharging the battery and three different accessories that modify the suction nozzle adapting it to various uses. Among these there is a sort of extension that significantly reduces the size of the opening, with a transversal cut of the latter which allows it to be inserted even in the most remote corners of the house; the second accessory a nozzle with attached brush, excellent for easily picking up hair, hair and dirt on delicate surfaces such as the upholstery of a sofa; the last one a rubber nozzle with thin teeth, designed for the collection of liquids.


Com done

Laspirabricole mainly consists of two parts: the engine and the tank. The first recessed inside an apparently very solid polycarbonate shell, accompanied by a large handle that facilitates its grip. The suction takes place in the center, by a circular nozzle protected by a plastic grid and the sucked air is thrown out through the two side grates, under which there are two sponge covers which retain any grains of dust to prevent it from being sucked in by a part and swept away on the other.

On the bottom there are large cross-head screws that can possibly be removed to dismantle the main casing (an operation which, we specify, invalidates the warranty) and perhaps clean the engine or replace the sponge covers. On the upper side there are instead the ON / OFF switch to start and stop the suction and a push button that allows you to release the tank.

The latter transparent, with the plastic that composes it slightly darkened. Inside there is a rigid black plastic cap assisted by a double rubber sheath which protects the engine from accidental entry of liquids. Inside the cap there is a fabric filter (in the photos, white in color) which ensures the passage of air for correct suction but at the same time protects the entire tank from the escape of even the smallest speck of dust.

Technical specifications

According to the user manual, the motor power of this 90W suction unit, with a suction of 6KPa equal to an air flow of 18 liters per second and with a noise level of 78 dB. The built-in 2,000 mAh lithium battery fully charges in just over four hours, ensuring 20 minutes of suction at maximum power. Overall, the product weighs a kilo and a half.

How are you

As mentioned, we left full of doubts and perplexities due to the unpleasant previous experience, then completely reversing thoughts and impressions following the field test. Very powerful potpowder in question, managing to suck bread crumbs but also parts of heavier foods such as cornflakes and frozen peas.

It can completely suck up liquids too: we deliberately spilled a glass of water over one of those tablecloths specially treated so as not to absorb liquids: it was enough to turn on the crumb knife by bringing it closer to the water spot to literally see it splash inside the tank, a show to be enjoyed thanks to the transparency of the latter. The capacity of 100 ml, therefore sufficient to easily collect the liquids contained in a plastic cup. Also excellent for collecting pet hair: in a few minutes we were able to perfectly clean the carpet at the entrance of our apartment.

Overall, it may perhaps be heavy for someone to handle for several consecutive minutes: they are still 1.5 kg to be held with one hand, although the weight is concentrated more precisely on the handle, making the appliance at least easy to handle.

But in our opinion, the greatest advantage lies in the possibility of disassembling the various parts for easy washing, thus keeping the product always clean and sanitized. In this regard, during aspiration, it is advisable not to mix liquids with food, in order to avoid creating unpleasant baby food which must then be disposed of.



For us, the test passed very well: not only did it take away from the hassle of leaving the house on these very cold days to shake the tablecloth, but it proved to be essential to collect practically everything from dog hair to coffee spilled by mistake. The basic charging base because it allows you to create a corner in the house where you can always leave the agricultural vacuum cleaner charged and ready for use.

Retail price

Holife Laspirabriciole on sale on Amazon for 56.99 euros. These days you can save 14 euros by using the code 3EMJOTXP, which will bring the price to 42.99 euros. Shipping included in the price.