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High speed burning on old iMacs

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High speed burning on old iMacs – logomacitynet1200wide 1

MCE brings high speed burning even on the very first iMacs. The American company has today announced that it has put on the market a kit for replacing the CD player with a 16x10x24 drive.

Thanks to the kit, 233, 266 and 333 MHz iMac owners will be able to overcome the barrier of writing 4x discs. These machines, in fact, without internal burner and FireWire ports could not write discs beyond the low speed allowed by the USB ports, which in fact 4x.

The drive, which also allows you to boot and compatible with all Mac applications such as iTunes and Disc Burner, can be installed directly by the user even if the intervention of a specialized operator is recommended.

The cost of 199 $, just over 200 euros, to which Toast Lite can be added by paying another 20 $

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