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High altitude Internet: go-ahead for Connexion.

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High altitude Internet: go-ahead for Connexion. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Despite the contingent economic uncertainty, the Boeing project exists and has not been canceled (even if the roadmap is not very outlined), now it receives the certification. We have talked many times about these Connexion pages and we have followed the whole process including the latest slowdowns. The tests were carried out for three months on a 737-400 "Connexion One" model equipped with Connexion by Boeing technology and with this method the FAA sent the approval communication with an 800 KB emai left from Los Angeles arrived at the new Boeing headquarters in Chicago through the 737 satellite connection that flew over New Mexico at the time, total time spent: less than 30 seconds. The tests will continue throughout 2003. With the occasion we report another project which once again involves Boeing: the satellite transmission of films to 22 cinemas in the USA and one in England. to the screening of films in cinemas without the help of expensive and fragile “pizzas” on film, the actual application seems practically ready. Some of the major US cities will initially be involved: Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston and Memphis tar le many who will have to equip themselves with expensive equipment but will also be able to rent them. The digital system has been called "Boeing Digital Cinema" and will have its headquarters at the Boeing Network Operations Center which will take care of the digitization and transmission to the appropriate satellites. to digital cinema: Qualcomm with Technicolor but also Kodak which plans the first digital cinema for 2003.

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