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Here's what Facebook knows about you and how to download all your data

facebook download your data

What does Facebook know about you? Facebook has long been able to download an archive of all the data the social network has about you, and Georges Abi-Heila from HackerNoon has decided to find out exactly what the company actually knows about its users.

What does Facebook know about you? Facebook long ago allows to download a archive of all data that the social network knows about you, and Georges Abi-Heila of HackerNoon has decided to find out exactly what the company actually knows about its users.

What Facebook knows about you

Abi-Heila says his archive was a 500MB zip file and included everything from the day he started using the service

Quite simply, Facebook never eliminates anything. Friends who are not friends, past relationships, former employers, previous names, address book.

"I created my account on Friday, September 14th 2007, at 10:59 am and all my actions have been recorded since then. I feel that for the first time in history, 10 years of human behavior have been meticulously collected, archived and analyzed.

Some data is more detailed than might be expected.

Every time you post a photo on Facebook, the platform keeps a record of all the data associated with it. It seems pretty obvious but I didn't suspect it to be so detailed: camera, model, orientation, exposure, F-Stop, ISO speed, focal length, latitude, longitude and upload IP address. "

Facebook knows where you are

Therefore Facebook knows where you were every time you took a photo uploaded to the wall and the session data indicates not only your location, but also your IP address.

If you are part of the 1.4 billion people who use Facebook on a daily basis, the social network has enough data to accurately determine your daily life patterns: home and work address, daily commutes, alarm clock and bedtime, duration of travel and destination, etc.

IS can recognize you or not if you are tagged in a photo.

Facebook claimed that its image recognition models could recognize human faces with an accuracy of 98% and that could identify a person in a photo out of 800 million in less than five seconds.

Facebook keeps the contacts from your address book

What does Facebook know about you? He knows the phone numbers in your address book. If you have authorized Facebook to access your address book, keeps contact data forever.

Facebook data transmitted to advertisers

Abi-Heila has discovered that very few advertisers had access to his personal data, only 21. This is less surprising than it seems, given that it happens only if the authorization is granted. But advertisers can use a wide variety of anonymous data to target you.

The Facebook Business platform provides some details on what information is used in targeting custom audience segments: city, state, country, date of birth, age and gender.

How to download your data from Facebook

You can download a copy of your data by going to Settings. In a fairly visible place, under the settings there is a link to the download:

facebook download your data

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