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Here's how to sneak photos with iPhone and Stealth Cam

Here's how to sneak photos with iPhone and Stealth Cam


Stealth Cam: best way totake pictures with the iPhone without being seen in secret | How to sneak photos with iPhone | Take photos with iPhone screen off

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Today I propose an interesting guide dedicated to all iPhone owners. With this guide, in fact, we will go to see how to get photos secretly with iPhone and without being seen. You can therefore take photos in any situation, at any time, without anyone noticing.

Maybe it won't happen very often, but you never know. Sooner or later, in fact, you may need to take a photo with your iPhone without being seen and not being noticed, for various reasons. With this guide you will be able to take your photos secretly with iPhone without anyone noticing, in a completely anonymous and discreet way, like real spies. Thanks to the Stealth Cam program, in fact, you can take photos secretly with iPhone leaving the smartphone screen off: no one will know that you are going to take a photo since the smartphone screen will remain off!

If you also need to take photos secretly and without being seen with iPhone, you will be happy to know that you can do it without downloading additional software, simply by using the Stealth Cam program, available only for iPhone with Jailbreak and Cydia installed.

Thanks to tweakStealth Cam, therefore, take pictures without being seen by anyone just a breeze.

For taking photos secretly with iPhone eStealth Camall you have to do is download and install this excellent tweak from Cydia, which is done ability to use the iPhone camera even when the display is turned off.Clearly in this modonon you no longer have the opportunity to see the subject that is recovering on the screen, but at least you can take pictures secretly without being discovered.

Use very simple tweak. Once Stealth Cam is installed, just open the camera and turn off the device screen with the power button and use one of the volume buttons as if it were the shutter for shooting. By doing so the photos will be automatically saved in the iPhone photo gallery. You can take all the photos you want secretly with your iPhone, without being discovered.

Here's how to record hidden video with iPhone and Stealth Cam

Interesting to note that with this program you can not only take photos secretly, but you can also shoot videos secretly using your iPhone. To make a shot, in fact, just start shooting the video with the display on and press the power button to turn it off. The recovery will continue as if nothing had happened.

Stealth Cam available in Cydia's BigBoss repository at a price of $ 0.99 (around 0.70).

Well, at this point you have discovered how to take photos with the iPhone without being discovered and hidden.

Are you familiar with other methods of taking photos secretly with iPhone?

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