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Here's how the iPhone camera has improved from the first model to the 6 Plus

Here's how the iPhone camera has improved from the first model to the 6 Plus


Here's how to improve the iPhone camera from the first model to the 6 Plus

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Among the many technical features improved by Apple on the new ones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the camera is proving to be the best on the field even if there has not been the jump of MegaPixel the truly incredible result. The new sensor proved to be able to take beautiful photos even at night and to test the new camera Lisa Bettany of Camera + has made a comparison between the various cameras of the various iPhones from the first 2G up to the iPhone 6 Plus.

The new camera stands out for its excellent photos taken in low light conditions and the capture of a very natural and real color. High ISO noise reduced to a minimum and then in the Plus version there is also an optical stabilizer for even more beautiful photos. In the comparison between the various generations it can be seen thereincredible detail of macro photos and the perfect reproduction of light with the ease of managing difficult shots and complex lighting.

Finally, macro photos, taken from small and very close objects, on the iPhone 6 are perfect with an unparalleled definition even compared to the iPhone 5S. The lighting captured by the iPhone 6 is incredible, even against the perfect level of detail and the jump compared to the previous net generation. In short, at least in this field, Apple has really made an incredible leap and demonstrated how megapixels do not define the quality of a camera but the sensitivity to light.

We have not yet had the opportunity to try the new iPhone 6 but since we are reading many comments stunned by the new cameras we can only confirm the hot impressions during the presentation and after the numerous samples seen on the net we can say that the iPhone 6 camera the best smartphone camera ever built.

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