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Here is the most original way to unlock your smartphone

Ecco il modo più originale di sbloccare lo smartphone

To protect access to any key smartphone, use a lock code. Typically, a numeric PIN with a minimum length of four digits is used, but it is certainly better to specify a longer alphanumeric code. Longer and more complex codes are more difficult to guess or to attack and are obviously the recommended ones but long alphanumeric passwords are safe but boring to enter.

On Android phones, in addition to PIN and password, you can set gesture release with signs. The sign allows you to access the device by drawing a symbol in the appropriate screen grid. This grid consists of a square pattern of dots, in which, thanks to the touchscreen, you can draw a symbol that connects the points (you can touch each point only once).

The method of signs fun to use but easily recognizable: you must be careful not to be observed when using the smartphone in public.

Unless you set a method of unlocking with signs, tracing a complex design like the one visible in the movie that we attach in this article.

Simpler alternatives to unlocking with signs are obviously biometric locking / unlocking methods that use the reading of the characteristic and distinctive physical features such as iris, fingerprint or face recognition, to guarantee a decidedly higher level of security but also a much more practical and intuitive user experience.

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