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Here is the iMac and the PC "friends for the skin"

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Here is the iMac and the PC "friends for the skin" –

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In Redmond they forget the controversies and push Office v.X with the new advertising campaign (which we announced here) created by the faithful McCann-Erickson agency.

After yesterday's advances, we are now able to introduce you to the "characters" of advertising who make an appearance this weekend in many American media.

As you can see on the side, the "humanized" computers act in witty settings, aimed at recalling common situations for friends, indeed "stars and stripes" companions.

As already mentioned, the Mac, or rather the iMac, is found together with the PC on the same sofa to munch on some spring rolls while watching a movie on TV; the two "friends" sunbathe after a fun swim in the pool and a game of chess; finally together they find themselves fishing.

To promote Office v.X even better (after the recent discount to students and not beyond the competition reserved for women managers), Microsoft has just established a new section of Mactopia USA which responds to this link.

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