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Here is the guide to calibrate the battery of Android devices

One very important thing in Android devices and often overlooked by users concerns the battery care of your device. The usual charging cycles of the device can lead to "dirtying" the battery management software and not to allow the best performance of the same during normal use of the smartphone. Today we are going to see a simple guide on how calibrate the battery of our Android device, the one we hear on the network called Battery Wipe.

The battery calibration procedure o Battery Wipe, will go on to perform a sort of formatting of the system files that managed this component, and in particular of the filebatterystats.bin which is located in the / data / system folder. This file contains many general info on the battery, such as maximum and minimum charge, voltage, charging times and more. Deleting this non-harmful file, on the contrary, allows the system to generate a new correct and clean one.

Before seeing the methods by which calibrate the battery of our devices, we indicate when this operation should be performed:

  • whenever a custom ROM is installed or after the flash of official firmware,
  • when after long charging cycles the device battery does not rise above a certain number that is not 100%,
  • when we record battery consumption not justified by our use of the device.

Guide for devices without root

  1. download it completely Android smartphone, make sure that by turning it back on the device does not start again, otherwise let it download until it is turned on again,
  2. charge the device from off for a long time, for example all night,
  3. turn on the device when still connected to the power and disconnect it.

Guide for rooted devices

  1. download completely until your Android smartphone turns off,
  2. connect the device to the battery to revive it and enter recovery mode,
  3. go to the path Advanced -> Wipe battery stats, then click on Go Back -> Reboot system now] to restart the system,
  4. charge the phone up to 100% and leave it for a few more hours always on charge, let it completely discharge until it goes out, between these two operations you will never have to recharge the device.

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