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Here is the fastest way to find useful apps for your Huawei with Hms

Here is the fastest way to find useful apps for your Huawei with Hms

TrovApp is a search engine to find the most suitable apps for your smartphone, both on AppGallery and on alternative stores

TrovApp(Photo: TrovApp)

TrovApp a very useful tool that assists owners of Huawei smartphone with Hms – Huawei Mobile Services – to easily find your favorite applications and install them on your device. a sort of hybrid between a guide and a search engine, developed in Italy to support those who have purchased a Huawei Mate 30 Pro or will purchase a future model with Huawei Mobile Services (Hms) on board.

Allow you to find software that is not only found on the Huawei AppGallery proprietary store but also on alternative stores. For example in the official web version or from Amazon Store or even as an installer file from one of the most popular portals like Pure apk. If the software is not found, it comes alternative solution proposed. In addition, collateral apps are suggested: with Whatsapp you can download Here we Go or to share the location.

And for updates? From AppGallery they are automatic, while for apps downloaded from alternative stores you have to switch from the app of the store itself, once you have received the notification of the availability of the update. Also, TrovApp will suggest tips for making the most of certain applications. The aim is to make the experience as simple as possible by aggregating the results and accompanying them step by step in the process. At this moment, around 600 apps are supported among the most popular ones in Italy and globally, but it aims to rise to 1,500 content shortly.

To take advantage of TrovApp you will have to download the software from Huawei's AppGallery in a few moments and, of course, for free. In addition to being able to search if you already know the name of the desired app, there is also a list can be sorted by popularity or alphabetically. Do not miss the classification by category such as social networks, multimedia apps and so on. In short, a very useful and made in Italy tool, to be used immediately.


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