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Here is Lenovo's virtual reality viewer on Windows Holographic

Viewer for virtual reality Lenovo VR

Lenovo starts 2017 by presenting a virtual reality viewer from Lenovo that was designed to run on the Windows Holographic platform.

Lenovo has seen fit to start 2017 by presenting its first prototype device for Virtual Reality (VR); the virtual reality viewer from Lenovo that was designed to run on Microsoft's Windows Holographic platform. It will be officially presented at CES in Las Vegas.

At a glance we immediately notice that the dimensions are decidedly reduced compared to the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets, and moreover lighter: Lenovo is in fact aiming for a final product that does not exceed 350g in weight, against Vive's 555g.

The design of Lenovo's virtual reality viewer

The design of the virtual reality viewer from Lenovo seems to be comfortable, inspired by the approach of the PlayStation VR system and makes suspending the lenses in front of the eyes of the user instead of imposing to fix them through a tear-off system. Headset uses two OLED panels 1440 x 1440 for its display , thus ensuring a better resolution than that offered by Rift and Vive. Unfortunately the prototype is not yet in operation and, consequently, it was not possible to perform tests or do some practice with the system.

The tracking system at six degrees of freedom and means that no external camera is necessary, but the technology is still to start production and it is not known how the device will be implemented on the Windows Holographic platform.Lenovo is not producing any system of motion control for the headset, relying on third-party options that will be produced according to the Windows Holographic technical specifications.

the Lenovo viewer at Ces in Las Vegas

We still don't know what we can do with this virtual reality viewer from Lenovo, but Lenovo claims that every application in the Windows Store will function as a sort of floating viewing mode. The HoloLens software will also be converted to the platform. Lenovo's Lheadset has two front-facing cameras and means that mixed reality applications will be possible even without the projection capabilities of the HoloLens.Lheadset, still unnamed, should have a price ranging from $ 300 to $ 400.

Viewer for virtual reality Lenovo VR