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Here is iPhone, a hit with 30,000 phones per hour

Only Steve Jobs could queue everyone up in front of American stores to buy a product that would not go out of stock. And therefore, where there was no objectively need to queue for one. A resounding success that is continuing even in these undeterred hours. There are those who have tried to do the math in Apple's pocket, to see how many phones they sell, always keeping in mind the prediction that if the Cupertino company will sell less than 100 thousand in the first weekend it will have been a flop .

Well, Blackfriars, the analysis site, performs a calculation a bit by eye, recognizing that the reason for success lies in a choice made upstream (that is, being able to enter the shop, buy the iPhone and go out to leave it at home their own, unlike what happened in some At & T stores that have had problems with the IT system and smaller stocks since they are beginning to report the first "sold out") which is now called "brilliant", "visionary" and "blessed" . So, according to the site, a phone is sold every minute to three minutes. That is, 50 to 200 telephones per hour. Multiplied by 162 stores and the number of likely sales staff, we're talking about 30,000 phones per hour sold only by Apple.

This would mean, those of Blackfriars write, that even counting At & T (and its warehouse management problems), the delays of the telephone company system to activate some devices at peak times and few other problems, but adding all the phones that come bought through the online Apple Store, the total could easily be half a million mobile phones sold in the first weekend alone. Indeed, the site is asked, perhaps it is possible that by adding a few more hours and arriving until Monday morning you can touch the share of one million phones sold.

At this point, Apple's gamble to literally produce a mountain of phones, accumulating so many that it never breaks the warehouse stock on Friday and Saturday, seems absolutely spot on. This device, despite the classic activation delays due to overload and probably also a little fatigue of the At & T Edge network in the main cities (think of San Francisco or New York, where now thousands and thousands of iPhones with flat connection are saturating the cells of the mobile phone network), it is proving a real success. So much so that always Blackfriars has collected over the days a sort of indicator of what is being talked about in the media, that is, it has monitored the responses to the word "iPhone" on the American Google News. This is a crescendo (as you can see from this graph that shows no sign of decreasing, day by day. Compared to the 21,000 responses in English, we add, there are 1,638 in French, 3,017 in German, 1,481 in Spanish and " only ?815 in Italian.