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Here are the Italian winners of the Apple Design Award

Shiny Frog

Shiny Frog and Bloop bring home two prizes thanks to the AirMail 3 email client and the Bear writer app

Shiny FrogA few days ago we told you about the Italians selected to participate in the Wwdc, Apple's annual conference dedicated to developers, and now the time has come to celebrate our compatriots. For the first time, 2017 saw two made in Italy apps win the Apple Design Award, a coveted award that aims to celebrate the talent, creativity and artistic sense of developers who represent the ideal standard for app design.

A very long course award, we add, born before the smartphones themselves since the Apple Design Award celebrates the twentieth year of age just this year. Clear, in the changed time, it evolved to keep up with the times, but yesterday as today it recognizes and rewards excellence in design, innovation and technology not only in applications but also in video games. The 2017 edition saw eight nations compete against each other in the creation of software for the whole Apple family, from the iPhone to the iPad, via the Mac, Watch and TV, namely Austria, Canada, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Slovenia, the United States and, of course, Italy.

But let's see our winners better starting from Bear, an app for writing developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Beautiful and elegant, which came to the prize thanks to its simple and clean design but also for the beautiful typographic selection and the possibility of offering a fast experience on any device. Bear's goal for those who weigh: he wants to help writers focus on content rather than on its container and produce excellent results even on the move. After all, you never know when you can be caught by inspiration and be better prepared.

Available in eleven languages, Bear was developed by Shiny Frog, a small software and design development company based in Parma. Within the team we find three guys, Danilo Bonardi, Konstantin Erokhin and Matteo Rattotti, all programming and design experts who have managed to convince a jury that is not the easiest. Obviously Bear already available and can be downloaded for free on both Mac and iOS. In case we like it we can buy the Pro versions with two different subscription plans.

The second made in Italy winning app is totally different, abandoning romance to offer us a more pragmatic productivity. AirMail 3 indeed a powerful and efficient email client designed for the entire Apple galaxy. Not only the predictable iOS and macOS but also in the most surprising watchOS. In the developer description, AirMail 3 helps tame your inbox and he does it by going to work on a clean three-column layout, offering intelligent interactive functions and a design based on speed. Productivity certainly cannot wait after all.

Literally global, AirMail 3 includes in 32 languages, has full accessibility features and offers a wide range of options and device-specific optimizations. According to Apple an example of how productivity apps should work on all devices, a judgment that is not earned every day. Developed by Bloop, a small company from Siena, also entirely male AirMail 3: behind it we find the names of Leonardo Chantini and Giovanni Simonicca. Already available, the app can be downloaded on the Mac for 10.99 euros and on iOS for 5.49 euros. As usual, this latest version also offers the Watch application.

In short, two prizes won out of 12 and with eight nations in the running an excellent result for Italy, especially since, as a game bag, we are on a par with the United States, Canada and Germany. Furthermore, no country has more than two winners. Obviously, we congratulate our developers even if, for the next year, we hope to also see women among the winners. Developers, come forward and show how much you are worth, in 2018 we want to talk about you too.


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