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How many days are left for summer? Too many days or few? The desire to feel the hot sun on your skin will make you feel an immense desire to have the super hot months today, now. Other people, however, hope that this period will come as late as possible. Winter lovers? No, fear of costume testing! Are you ready for this event? Are you feeling fit? If the answer is not positive, maybe you should start following one diet food. You are looking for advice on how lose weight? You don't need it if you own a device Android! Here are the best applications of the green robot that will help you lose weight.

we refer you to our updated article on the best apps to lose weight.

Noom – Everything for weight loss

An application that allows you to create a personal plan to lose weight. The title will constantly follow you in achieving your goals and allow you to set some exercise reminders and other activities. You will always have an handy diagram underneath that will show you your progress. The only flaw lies in the presence of only American food products, but users are very satisfied with this title that really incites weight loss.

Price: free.

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Italian calorie counter

How many calories do you eat each day? Know the total fundamental to be able to follow a food rigor. With this app you can have a tap flow a vast database which will allow you to discover i nutritional values ??of almost 800 foods. Furthermore, if you don't find something, you will have the possibility to add it by manually entering the information. The title also allows you to create your own menus and record your personal goals.

There Lite version has these limitations:

  • Presence of advertising (absent in the full version)
  • It is not possible to insert more than 3 foods in the menu
  • It is not possible to save more than 1 menu
  • The inaccessible automatic optimizer

Price: free, Lite version.Price: 1.50 euros, Full version.

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Calorie free calculator

Thanks to this application you can say goodbye to too many calories and, later, also to the kilos! This little free title will allow you to always keep an eye on the calories you consume and those you burn. It will be really difficult not to find a food in its database that provides you with over 1900 foods. You will also find the Big Mac!

Price: free.

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Many of you will almost certainly know the famous il search engine to lose weight. And one of the largest portals of its kind that allows you to know the calories of each food, there will be drinks! The application will facilitate your search from your smartphone / tablet.


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Weight Helper

When you ask for help to lose weight, the title will give you a real hand! Do exercise, for example, will give you much more satisfaction thanks to the timer that will show you calories burned. In addition, you can keep tabs on those ingested during the day.

Price: free.

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