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Help | the best Android apps to find work

With the crisis running really hard to find someone willing to offer a good one work. Despite this immense difficulty, you should at least try to find it. What do you do to find a use? Do you buy newspapers? Do you roam the internet? These are certainly valid alternatives, but today for every action there is aapplication specific. You can have infinite job offers always just a tap awaythanks to some very useful titles.

The applications on Google Play (the new Android Market) are many, which one will you choose? Today we want to give you an overview to direct you to the best titlesAndroidto find job.


Among the most downloaded titles we cannot fail to mention the purple application, its dominant color. Almost all of you will know the famous portal Monster which offers many offers of work. From about mid 2011, the application also arrived for devices Android and allows users to always have professional possibilities just a tap away.

Among the main features are the search for job advertisements, the ability to log in to your Monster account for access the CV, to the historian etc. In addition, the ads will not be randomly arranged, but possible locate offers. In this way, therefore, you can check the presence of jobs not too far from you.

Price: free.

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Another application highly appreciated by users is that of Indee Jobs. Through your Android smartphone you will have the opportunity to search jobs throughout Italy. Clean and easy-to-use interface, but users complain about the type of listings present. According to some, not all, the offers are somewhat dated. However, the application has an excellent average rating and is worth trying.

Price: free

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Looking for a job, Job ads

The strong point of this application is certainly its interface which is extremely easy. It will therefore be very easy to find the job advertisements that interest you. It is a kind of engine that searches for job vacancies on major ad sites. It offers you the possibility to save a type of search and when there is something that might interest you, I will send you a report. The application also allows you to send the announcement by email.

Price: free

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A truly complete application that allows you to perform the entire operation via Android device. Not only will you be able to find the job you are interested in, thanks to the many advertisements available, but you can also send your application via the app. Also to register you can carry out the procedure through the title of the green robot and, moreover, you will not have to create a new account, but if you want you can take advantage of that of Facebook.

As you may have guessed, the ads are extrapolated from the well-known site and are divided by city.

Price: Free

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