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Help | The best Android apps for new parents

Be i parents almost certainly the most complex profession. You won't be able to make mistakes or take holidays. Fortunately we are in the modern era and, even in this case, you can get help from yours Android devices! Here are some of the best applications able to help you in the hard task of raising children!

Monitor children

Are you an apprehensive parent? Don't you take your eyes off your little ones? Maybe these apps will help you monitor children reducing your efforts a little.

An application that no parent should give up. This fantastic title allows you to receive a alarm as soon as the terminal will experience some noise in the baby's room. You can also decide to start a call to any number. It allows you to play music from your library and you can even record the voice of the mother. Monitor your baby's sleep by recording every noise.

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Since your child's sleep is essential for both him and you, this application will also allow you to monitor his sleep and, after entering the data, you will be able to see useful graphs for a visual description.

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If you want to be super moms you will need write down any information on your little one. Throw away pen and paper, now your Android applications will take care of keeping this precious data.

With this free application you can insert notes regarding anything, such as health, nutrition and much more. You will even have the possibility to monitor the growth process by inserting photos and marking the weight and height. Lapp allows you to set a alarm to remember when the baby will have to eat.

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Perhaps the most complete application to pin down any information about your child. In addition to collecting the data, it allows you to have charts, tables, weekly averages, the vaccines carried out and much more. You can set alarms and notifications and i content can be exported in .csv format.

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Songs and lullabies

Your little one weeps continuously? Don't worry normal, you just have to find the method to calm him down. What better way than to sing a relaxing lullaby or make him listen to some sweet song?

An application that allows you to transform your device into a carillon. Beautiful melodies available which, in addition to picking up the music box sounds, will also reproduce classics songs for children.

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Another app that turns your Android device into a music player for children. You can choose between three types of sounds: Lullabies, White Noise, or Nature Sounds. Possibility to set a precise listening time that will restart the song.

(App) com.owentech.sleepybabylite & feature = related_apps (/ app)


Very soon the time will come to teach something to your baby. Get help, even in this case, from the applications for your Android.

This application will allow you to download many chapters to teach preschool knowledge. In particular, this title will allow your children to draw and, at the same time, learn the colors, listen to lively music and learn to coordinate.

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An application for children of all ages. The title allows you to learn about animals, the colors, the pieces and much more. Inside the title you can have fun, or rather they can, with 15 different games. They will also have the opportunity to train their memory.

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