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Help | Installation of emulators for Android: Playstation (Fpse), Game Boy Advanced …

Who among us has not spent nights glued to a console?Atari? Gameboy? Playstation? Who among us hasn't thrown hundreds of coins into their favorite arcade game? Great good times! Unfortunately today with the evolution of animations and 3D graphics, we have to say it,the style, the playability and the charm of the games of the past gone missing to make way for the evolution of increasingly advanced technologies.

Those of us who have lived the "best years" still cannot abandon such dear titles, dusting off the old consoles every now and then to relive those emotions that kept us glued to the controller as children. For this reason, through this guide we will take you back in time explaining how to install the respective emulators on your Android terminal.

Playstation: Fpse for Android

Certainly one of the best Play Station 1 or PSX emulators ever made for Android. We have had the opportunity to test it several times and we can assure you that it works perfectly. Guaranteed compatibility, the same can be said for graphics and audio (in the video posted below you can have ample proof of this). The total cost of the App (including bios) of 3.69 could make someone turn up their noses but they will be really well spent.

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  • Application: download lapk from Market FPse for Android and install it.
  • Bios: download the BIOS file scph1001.bin always from the Market.

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  • Load the BIOS file into the phone, in any folder, I chose externalSD / game / bios / scph1001.bin
  • Upload the roms of your games to the phone, I chose the externalSD / game / rom / folder
  • Start the emulator.

Steps to be performed only the first time:

  • Menu button on your terminal, choose settings-> system-> bios loading-> and select the location where you saved the BIOS, in my case externalSD / game / bios / scph1001.bin, go back to the previous menu, go down and tap on default config save.

Steps to perform at every boot:

  • Menu key of your eject terminal and start a game, I will ask you where to look for it, indicate the folder you have chosen previously, in my case externalSD / game / rom /

ROM compatible formats: ISO .bin .nrg .img

Possible problems:

If you have problems loading the bios do the following:

  • Load the bios and deactivate the HLE mode, then tap on default config save. Load a game, go back to the settings and load the bios again, go back to the game, exit the emulator, go back in and it should now work.

If you have problems with bailouts do the following:

  • From the settings menu, disable the HLE mode, select the right bios, choose the folder where you want to store the saves (I have selected the one in which I save the roms) and RESET … you will see that this will definitely work.

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Game Boy Advanced: Gameboid

Lovers of old glories like Game Boy Color and Game Boy advance (now replaced by the Nintendo DS) will not be able to miss this emulator. Names such as Zelda, Pokemon, Aliens, Super Mario and so on, are now timeless classics from which it is difficult to separate. Thanks to Gameboid we can now always carry them with us and exhume them whenever we want through our Android smartphone. Also to be noted in this case is the excellent compatibility and ease through which we will be able to extricate ourselves between the different screens. A must try!

In this case we will not find the app on the Android Market but we can easily download it through these links (you will need to find the BIOS):


  • Bios: gba_bios.bin or gbc_bios.bin (easily available on the net)
  • Upload the bios file to the phone, in any folder, I chose externalSD / game / bios / gba_bios.bin
  • Upload the roms of your games to the phone (also in this case easily available on the net), I chose the externalSD folder / game / rom /
  • Start the emulator.

Steps to be performed only the first time:

  • I will prompt you to indicate the location of the BIOS file
  • Then select the folder where you previously saved it.
  • In case of problems, click on the Men, Setting, GBA BIOS file button and enter the path (e.g. externalSD / game / bios / gba_bios.bin).

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Mame: Mame4droid

Who among us doesn't know Mame? Is the software capable of integrating the best arcade titles on each platform? Well, those who believed that with the advancement of technologies one of the most popular emulators in the world (initially born for MS-DOS) would slowly disappear, they were greatly mistaken. The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator in fact still manages to take your breath by renewing itself once again under the new guise of Android. Even if with some performance problems (undoubtedly linked to the smartphone on which it is installed) it will continue to accompany our days allowing us without problems to switch from one platform to another in a few seconds.

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  • Application: download lapk from Market Mame4droid (Free) and install it.
  • Upload the roms of your games to your phone in the / ROMs / MAME4all / roms folder
  • Start the emulator, ask if you want to use the Bios in your possession, click yes.
  • Choose the game rom to start directly from the central panel.

Note: Porting developer, Seleuco, recommends using low-quality sound and 8-bit (256 colors) colors to increase performance when games are too slow.

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While considering its great success, this name may seem new to some of you. Originally designed for Lucasarts games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Day Of The Tentacle, Sam & Max who used the S.C.U.M.M. (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion), over the years and various updates has been able to transform itself into a real game platform, also extending to numerous software houses. At the moment it doesn't really seem to have limits, in fact there are several titles that we could put our hand to, partly present on this list.

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  • Application: Download application lapk directly from the Market
  • Alternatively, from the browser of your smartphone, connect to the site From the Downloads area, search for the .apk file 1.4.0 Android binary download it and install it.

Steps to perform:

  • At this point, always from the Download item, you just have to download the free game you want to start with the emulator.
  • Copy the games into a folder on your terminal.
  • Connect to the Android Market, and download the necessary plugins depending on the game you have chosen, to search for them write Scummvm plugin, inside the description of the plugin you will find the games to which they refer.
  • Start Scummvm choose the game via the add game button and have fun.

Other emulators:

Below is a list of other interesting emulators taken directly from the Android Market according to users' preferences. The procedure for installing the same, download the apk from the Market and install it.

Download the ROMs of your games, and insert them in your mobile phone, start the game and select the location of the ROMs.

  • SuperGNES Lite (Super Nintendo)

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  • Mupen64Plus, AE (Nintendo 64)

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  • MobileBoy Lite (Nintendo Legs Boy and Gameboy Color)

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  • GENPlusDroid (SEGA Genesis / Sega Master System)

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