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Hellofriend, the alternative to Facebook that encourages real life

Alternative to Facebook Hellofriend

Hellofriend the alternative to Facebook of 2018, a new social network similar to Facebook but which incentivates to the sound of Bitcoin, activities in real life

thealternative to Facebook of 2018, a social network similar to Facebook he was also born ad Harvard: Hellofriend and the bet of two American brothers that promises to revolutionize the world of social media and guarantee a real one alternative to Facebook.

Alternative to Facebook Hellofriend

Hellofriend: the alternative to Facebook born at Harvard

Hellofriend, the Facebook alternative

Today there is more space for social networks similar to Facebook, complicit with the difficulties of Facebook, including political infiltrations from Russia, problems with hackers, and the case of the data sold by Cambridge Analytica, Hellofriend aims to become the healthiest and least compromised alternative to the invention of Mark Zuckerberg. This is not the first time that someone tries to create an social similar to Facebook to challenge the great F, but until now the power and the spread of the social network par excellence had stopped the development of other platforms.

Thanks to the support of the Harvard incubator for startups and a modern and inviting marketing campaign, Hellofriend ( could succeed in scratching the monopoly of Zuckerberg.

In addition to Facebook what c

Recently, Facebook has tried to remedy past mistakes, also accepted by its founder in a recent interview. The Zuckerberg company said that users would see more updates from friends and family and less posts from publishers and brands due to a change in the algorithms regulating the newsfeed. The move was intended to encourage people to connect with friends and view positive news and somehow even stop the alternatives to Facebook in the bud.

The truth that Facebook aims to earn and the presence of advertising messages vital part of the platform's success. In fact, to make the Facebook business model work, users are directed to advertising. Instead the inventors of Hellofriend, lmore credible alternative to Facebook, or the brothers Shaban and Salman Habib, aim to create interactions in real life among members and promise not to have interest in user data that will not be sold or disclosed to third parties.

Alternative to Facebook 2018

"The goal was to create a social media platform that was morally correct – said Salman Habib – we wanted to create an application that focuses on the true meaning of socialization: connecting people in real life. Harvard recently released a study that shows that one of the reasons people are depressed due to excessive use of social media. Nowadays we seem to have reached the point where people need to start interacting in the real world again ".

Hellofriend, which will be launched soon, will exploit bitcoins to make money.

How Hellofriend works the alternative to Facebook

Here's how it works: su HelloFriend users will connect with old and new friends and build networks by communicating with each other just like on any site company. But the real engine of HelloFriend lies in the way in which its members will be able to use their networks to find, organize and monetize events in real life. These activities could be as simple as a house party or a small meeting, but they could also include travel, lessons, sports games or more.HelloFriend offers an incentive system to reward participation on the structured platform in two ways: first, when users join the network or find new friends and participate in activities they earn so-called credits Connect, a cryptocurrency created specifically for this platform. It guarantees that every single user maintains a high level of involvement with the site. Second, when a user plans an activity, all members who wish to participate will contribute credits. These special bitcoins can be converted into dollars or other currencies. It reduces the economic burden of hosting and encourages more daily activities offline. With these innovations and a less dominant philosophy, Hellofriend will try to undermine the empire of Facebook and to re-evaluate social networks.

Andrea Indiano US correspondent