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Heading a road to Nikola Tesla, the great-grandson's appeal to Italy

Intitolare una strada a Nikola Tesla: appello della pronipote dello scienziato alle città italiane

Title a road to Nikola Tesla in every Italian municipality. this is the proposal of Desanka "Dannie" Mandic, great-grandson of Nikola Tesla, launched together with Spazio Tesla and the Nikola Tesla Exhibition, the interactive museum exhibition dedicated to the scientist who will be in Milan until March 15 for the first and only Italian stop.

Each city should dedicate at least one street to Nikola Tesla, as a personality that deserves to be recognized: it has dedicated all its life and work to improving the human condition. Its aim was to create tools that could use natural energies to put them at the service of man, explains Desanka Mandic, great scientist's great-grandson: the descent dates back to Nikola Tesla's mother, Georgina-uka Mandi, inventor and fundamental figure in the formation of the son Nikola.

Computer engineer, Desanka "Dannie" Mandic is now finishing her studies of Naturopathy and working on the analysis of the correlation between the functioning of mitochondria and stress and chronic fatigue.

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Nikola Tesla had a very difficult life, he had many talents, many ideas but was forgotten, silenced, ridiculed, because he was unable to convince people about the viability of his inventions: he was simply too far ahead of his time. He anticipated the need to find alternatives in terms of energy, the need and possibility of telecommunications, he envisaged the smartphone and the transmission of voice and images. Tesla the scientist who invented the twentieth century, but has left a lasting mark: the engineering of some of his inventions translates today into the twenty-first century into technologies that we use every day, from radio-controlled machines to cellular devices, to get to all wireless devices. For this reason, its role and ideas are extremely current and its value deserves to be celebrated, starting from the names of the city streets.

In Italy there are only six, to date, the streets and roads dedicated to Nikola Tesla, while there are almost 5,000 for Guglielmo Marconi. Almost a joke, considering that although the invention of the radio is generally attributed to the Italian Guglielmo Marconi, the real inventor of the radio throughout the United States is the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla explains Mauro Rigoni, sole director of the Venice Exhibition.

With the appeal to all Italian municipalities, we want to honor this genius by dedicating a street or a square to it. Our commitment as Tesla Exhibition is to take care of providing the road sign with the name of the road and to organize the inauguration ceremony adds Rigoni.

Title a road to Nikola Tesla: appeal of the scientist's great-grandson to Italian cities

According to Dannie Mandic if Tesla's ideas and technologies were fully implemented We would not have the problems of smog, traffic and consequent traffic blocks that we find ourselves facing daily in our cities.

For this reason, from the Nikola Tesla Exhibition, the scientist's great-grandson also launches an invitation to all heads of state and executives of companies and multinationals to "invest and apply the technology that Nikola Tesla intended to use on Long Island with the Wardenclyffe Tower – with which he wanted show the world the possibility of wireless and clean energy transfer – as a choice based on respect for the Earth and hope and desire in the best future for all humanity ".