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He buys the brand new iPhone 6 and falls to the ground on live TV

Here is the first endurance test of the iPhone 6: They are easy to destroy


He buys the brand new iPhone 6 and falls to the ground on live TV

For iPhone 6, today was the day of the big world launch. Unfortunately in Italy we will have to wait a few more weeks but many have done many hours in a row and one night on their feet in order to be the first to pick up the brand new Apple jewel. Jack, the first user to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth in Australia, will surely go down in history as the most clumsy user in the world. This is because as soon as he left the Apple Store he saw himself interviewed by the local press and in the emphasis on doing the the first Australian unboxing of the iPhone 6 made the phone run away and in removing the cover the iPhone 6 fell to the ground.

So Jack in one fell swoop did both the first unboxing and the first live TV drop test in front of the commentator who is stunned by the sensational event. So in front of an audience of several people who were watching the live TV, Jack made a mega figure and immediately the video was published on the net that made millions of visits to the delight of journalists and local TV in Perth.

I leave you with the video of Jack's crime:

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