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Have you just bought a third generation iPad? Apple replaces it for free with a …


Apple allows you to replace the third generation iPad 3 with the fourth generation iPad 4 if it has been bought for less than 30 days

Here is an interesting news dedicated to all users who have recently purchased an iPad 3.

As you have certainly read, in the afternoon Apple presented, among other things, the new iPad 4.

This news has obviously warmed the hearts of those users who in recent days have spent over 500 to buy the iPad 3, which has now become "old". If you are also against this choice of Apple but have purchased the iPad 3 for less than 30 days, do not despair: Apple allows you to change it for free with an iPad 4.

Let's see all the details below.

Quite unexpectedly, Apple revealed the fourth generation of iPads today.

More than a real new tablet, it is actually a simple update of the model presented only a few months ago, the iPad 3.

Among the main novelties, as we have seen, we find the new A6X processor, an HD camera for FaceTime and compatibility with European LTE networks.

Considering that, from 2010 to today, Apple has always released an iPad hardware update every year, many users have been disappointed by the choice of the Cupertino company to release a new standard iPad at the end of the year just 6 months after the announcement of the iPad 3. .

The company, however, aware of what has happened and tries, even if only minimally, to calm the controversies (quite right, moreover) of users who feel they are being teased by the company.

Apparently, in fact, Apple will allow the replacement of the iPad 3 with a new iPad 4 to all those who have purchased the third generation model within 30 days of the release of the new tablet.

According to Twitter user @ sharonvak, an Apple Care representative confirmed that third-generation iPads purchasedwithin 30 days of marketingof the new model can be replaced with the latest version at no additional cost.

However, this type of replacement will only be possible at certain stores (the Apple Stores) and allow you toreplace for freea third generation iPad with the fourth generation model, thus benefiting from the innovations introduced by Apple with the recent update of the iPad range.

If you have recently purchased a third generation iPad, go to the nearest Apple Store and ask if you can replace your device for free with a newer one.

CAUTION: not sure that all dealers accept this change. Of course, Apple Stores will allow this, but authorized resellers will most likely not offer this option.

The advice, of course, is to try the same: it costs you nothing and, if you like, take iPad 4 home instead of iPad 3 without spending a single one.

Such a thing, however, I never expected from Apple. If Jobs was still in charge of the company, he would most likely not have allowed the announcement of a new device only 6 months after the presentation of the previous one. What do you think about it? Agree?


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