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Has Apple bought another chip company?

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Apple bought another company that designs ARM chips. This is the indiscretion that emerged during the afternoon and around which a lot could be discussed over the next few days.

The reality that Cupertino would get his hands on after PASemi would be Intrinsity. Composed of a small but experienced team of former Exponential engineers (a technologically advanced competitor of IBM and Motorola in the field of RISC processors that Apple seemed intending to incorporate in the mid-90s), Intrinsity is known in processor environments for the development of very innovative ideas for low consumption components and for having collaborated with Samsung for the creation of Hummingbird, a high performance chip based on ARM technologies. Intrinity therefore has a particularly interesting profile for Cupertino's business, which is trying to get as many brains as possible into the home to create a platform that is as independent as possible from external suppliers. According to EDN, a site that has good connections in the world of chip design, this interest would materialize in a purchase that led to a significant number of ex Intrinsity technicians and engineers working in Cupertino.

Some confirmation of what EDN claims would have been found by Macrumors who discovered among LinkedIn members several employees who have been with Apple since April 1st and who previously worked for Intrinsity. To further strengthen the suspicions there is the removal of the mentions to the Apple in the profiles as soon as the rumors about the possible purchase have spread.

The reason why Apple would have acquired Intrinsity, in addition to its know-how and technologies, in its brains, an element that is much needed also in light of the fact that a good number of former PASemi employees would have left Cupertino's laboratories for engage in other interests. EDN even suspects that the iPad processor has to do with Intrinsity and that it is not a home-built chip, but in fact a Hummingbird that now Apple can present as the result, at least in part, of a job by virtue of the incorporation by Intrinsity. In fact, the speed (1 GHz) and technology (ARM) make it at first sight very similar to the processor of Samsung, a company that, we remember, for the number that also provides the CPU of the iPhone.

Something more should be known in the short, one or two days or, perhaps, even a few hours, perhaps coinciding with the launch of the iPad.