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Happy Easter 2020: greeting images for WhatsApp

Happy Easter 2020: greeting images for WhatsApp

The most beautiful images of Happy Easter 2020, funny and original with phrases that you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks

Images of Happy Easter 2020. Easier if you can share them on WhatsApp. In particular, Easter is a special moment in which all families spend their time together and also synonymous with the beginning of spring. What better way to wish a Happy Easter 2020 if not with a rundown of some of the best Easter images to share on WhatsApp and many other social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Instant messaging applications and social networks are the best way to express your wishes, simply and quickly. You can find the GIFs of Auguri di Buona Pasquale in this link. Below, however, you just have to discover together the best images for a Happy Easter 2020.

Happy Easter 2020, all the images

To wish a Happy Easter 2020 very often we use messages, phrases, letters, tickets, postcards and, above all, nice greeting images sent via WhatsApp or with other social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. In this article, we offer you a roundup of nice and funny images to share with your family and friends for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

The first image represents the classic colored chocolate eggs. This can be shared on WhatsApp with acquaintances and friends, to wish Happy Easter in a simple and minimalist way.

A cute rabbit, together with eggs, what better way to wish a happy Easter in a nice way?

Easter is synonymous with spring and, therefore, together with the classic eggs, the flowers embody this spirit.

The value of Easter of fundamental importance. At this moment we rediscover the value of small things, family and friends. An image to share on WhatsApp that expresses, in a simple and nice way, an important concept, not to be forgotten.

Even a stuffed rabbit that turns its back and embraces the eggs represents the goodness of Easter.

Happy Easter 2020, the original sentences

To wish a Happy Easter 2020 we offer you a series of phrases and quotes about Easter to send to all friends and relatives on WhatsApp or share on social networks, such as Facebook.

Here is the list of the most beautiful phrases about Easter with which you can wish the best to nearby people.

  • I wish you to spend many beautiful moments to share with the people you love! Happy Easter!
  • May hope also rise in the hearts and minds of the most afflicted so as to make them glimpse a glimmer of light. Happy Easter.
  • May this feast day bring to your heart and that of your loved ones the serenity, love, strength and trust they need to continue beating!
  • Accept that the Risen Jesus enters your life, welcome him as a friend, with confidence: He will life !.Pope francesco
  • Let us remember this: God judges us by loving us. If I accept his love I am saved, if I refuse it I am condemned, not by him, but by myself, because God does not condemn, he alone loves and saves.Pope francesco
  • The very contagious joy. Therefore, always try to be overflowing with joy wherever you go.Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  • If until now you have been far from Him, take a small step: I will welcome you with open arms. If you are indifferent, accept to risk: you will not be disappointed. If it seems difficult to follow him, do not be afraid, trust him, be sure that he is close to you, with you and will give you the peace you seek and the strength to live as he wants.Pope francesco