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Happy Chick: how to install games emulator on Android

The latest Android smartphones are increasingly powerful. This allowed the developers to create emulators that allow you to play console titles directly on your smartphone. possible iinstall emulator games for Android of different consoles. In this article I would like to show you what I think is the best emulator available for smartphones and tablets. Is called Happy Chick and integrates as many as 10 emulators:

  • PSP;
  • Nintendo DS;
  • Nintendo 64;
  • Playstation 1;
  • MAME;
  • GameBoy Advance;
  • GameBoy Color.
  • SuperNintendo;
  • Mega Drive;
  • FC.

It also allows the download of ROMs for emulators directly inside the app. This way you won't have to create a copy of your favorite games but you can download them directly from the emulator's interface.

If you want too play console games best known and appreciated in recent years, keep reading this guide. I will show you in a few simple steps how to install games emulator on Android thanks to the app Happy Chick.

You can only install games that you own the original copy of. Guideitech not responsible for the improper use of the emulator.

How to install Happy Chick emulator games on Android

The installation of Happy Chick on Android smartphones and tablets is very simple. Root permissions are not required, and the only thing you will need is a Wi-Fi connection. We see how to install games emulator on Android.

  • First of all, if you have not already done so, you must enable the installation of Apps from unknown sources. To do this, go in Settings -> Safety. Under the heading Device administration skills Unknown origins.

install games emulator - 1

  • From your Android smartphone or tablet connected to this page.
  • Select the green button with writing Android Download.

install emulator games - 2

  • The Happy Chick download process will start. The file is about 55MB in size.
  • At the end of the download, lower the notification drop-down and click on the notification happychick.apk.

install emulator games - 3

  • The Happy Chick installation page opens. Click on Come on and then Install.
  • After installation, select You open to start the emulator.
  • At the first start you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. Select Agree.

Happy Chick interface and download games

In the previous section I showed you how to install Happy Chick emulator on Android. At this point you can start downloading the games for which you own the original copy. After starting the Happy Chick simulator, you will find yourself with a screen where the different sections of the app are located. In the section Games you can search and install games. In the section PLAY instead all installed games are collected.

  • To search for a game, go to the section Games and, in the search field, type the name.
  • A list of titles for Happy Chick compatible consoles will appear. Below the title of each game is the genre, console and language. For titles in Italian, you must search for the wording ITA, as for the Pokemon game featured below.

install emulator games - 4

  • To start the download simply click on the game and, on the next page, select Download.

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<p>Once the download is complete, just go to the section <strong>PLAY</strong> and you can start your favorite games just downloaded.</p>
<h2><span class=Conclusions

Happy Chick a very complete emulator for Android smartphones and tablets, but also the iOS version, which you can download by following the guide install Happy Chick on iPhone and iPad. If you encounter any problems or need support, you can contact us via comments at the end of this article.