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Happy Chick: how to install game emulator on iPhone and iPad

Happy Chick: how to install game emulator on iPhone and iPad

On Guideitech we talked many times about how to install game emulator for old generation consoles on iPhone and iPad (you can read our guides on how to install gameboy emulator on iOS 10 and how to install Nintendo DS emulator on iOS 10). Today I would like to offer you a very complete solution that consists of installing an app that includes almost all the older generation console emulators such as PS1, PSP and many others. But let's go in order.

Let's start by saying that the app, compatible with iPhone and iPad, incorporates inside the emulators for the most known and appreciated consoles of recent years. This is the list of consoles supported by the app which, if you continue reading this guide, will explain how to install:

  • PSP;
  • Nintendo DS;
  • Nintendo 64;
  • Playstation 1;
  • MAME;
  • GameBoy Advance;
  • SuperNintendo;
  • Mega Drive;
  • FC;
  • GameBoy Color.

Lapp very simple to use. It also has a search engine through which to search for games compatible with these emulators and install them with a simple click. If you want to have all these emulators on your iOS device, below I will explain how to install game emulator on iPhone and iPad.

You can only install games that you have the original copy of. Guideitech is not responsible for improper use of the emulator.

How to install Happy Chicks games emulator on iPhone and iPad

Warning: If you have an iPhone with iOS 11 or 12, this guide is invalid, but you must follow the guide on How to install Happy Chick with iOS 12. For lower versions of iOS, continue with this guide.

Lemulator compatible with all iPhones and iPads and no Jailbreak required to use it. To achieve better performance the recommended Jailbreak, but if you have a recent device you should not have any problems. Lapp recommends an iPhone 5S or later and an iPad Air and later in order to play PSP, PS1, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games. Given the necessary premises, here's how to proceed to install game emulator.

  • From your iPhone or iPad connected to this page.
  • Scroll down the page and select the icon with writing Happy Chick A multi-platform emulator.
  • A window will open. Scroll down the page and click install.
  • Wait for a popup to load, inside which you have to click on Install.
  • Automatically download the app.
  • Go back to the home page of your iPhone or iPad and wait for the installation to complete.
  • After the installation is complete, go to Settings -> General -> Device management -> Fengxun Networks Technology (this item can change from device to device) and click on Authorize Shenzhen Misi Interactive.
Happy Chick iOS install Guideitech - 7
  • In the popup that opens, select authorize.
  • Now go back to the Home Page and start the app Happy Chick to start playing your favorite games.
  • If starting the emulator you are asked to perform the Happy Chick update, select No. If you had to consent to the update, the emulator will no longer work.

Install the games in your emulators

After downloading the app containing the different emulators, you will need to download the compatible games. You can do it directly within the app. To do this, you can proceed in two ways:

  1. Select the tab Category and then start browsing through the different platforms to see the games that can be installed sorted by popularity.
  2. If you know the name of the game you want to install, just search through the search coffin.

After finding the game to install, click on it and then select the button with the arrow pointing down to start the download.

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<p>In order to start playing, just go to the tab <strong>My Games</strong> and click on one of the games you downloaded.</p>
<h2><span class=Conclusions

Downloading games is very simple. If after clicking on a game a black screen appears, most likely the hardware of your iPhone or iPad is unable to run the game in question. These types of problems can occur especially with PS1, PSP and Nintendo 64 games. If you have this problem, then you could solve it by jailbreaking or using a newer device.

If you have problems or would like to send us suggestions, you can do so by writing to us via the comments at the bottom of the article.