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Half Life Alyx raises users of virtual reality headsets on Steam

Half Life Alyx raises users of virtual reality headsets on Steam

Half-Life: Alyx seems to have given a strong boost to VR games. This is confirmed by direct Valve data, which calculate how Steam users grew by nearly 950,000 in April, a huge peak compared to March. While Steam information does not indicate how many of these logins were actually new, it is clear that the first Valve title exclusively available in VR pushed SteamVR's adoption to a level never seen before.

The data also provides some information on which viewers users have actually used to play. The main beneficiary Oculus Quest, whose market share doubled over the past month. The recent addition of the ability to use Quest as a PC virtual reality viewer may have spurred players ahead of the launch of Alyx on March 23 last year.

Following the valve index viewer, which has seen greater adoption. While advertised as the ideal device for Alyx, its high price has often been seen as an obstacle. Most players then use Oculus (around 44.6 percent) or HTC (30.3 percent) viewers.

Half-Life Alyx data virtual reality players

If on the one hand this title helps promote the entire VR landscape, the data suggest that there is still a long way to go before technology is on the agenda among Steam users. Even with 2.7 million viewers connected, just over 1.9 percent of Steam users actually have a VR helmet. Half-Life Alyx could spur the Valve team to develop more VR games, but, if they do, the gaming market can hardly be transformed overnight.

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