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Haier Super Drum, at IFA the microvapor washing machine that orders by itself on Amazon

haier super drum 2

Haier Super Drum looks like an impossible washing machine: it offers great load capacity, super obl, reduced dimensions, washes, dries, treats the most delicate items with microvapor, offers professional results for dyeing directly at home and, among other numerous functions, it does not remain never dry with fabric softener and detergent because it orders them directly on Amazon, without any user intervention.

Presented in Berlin together with Haier F + which preserves food up to 8 times longer than a traditional refrigerator, one of the strengths of the Super Drum washer dryer is the presence of the i-Refresh program, which uses microvapor technology to treat clothes without these coming into direct contact with water and detergent.haier super drum 7

I-Refresh eliminates odors and creases are considerably reduced compared to a traditional washing cycle: perfect for the most delicate and complete clothes, but useful and effective on all types of fabric.

For example, a shirt or dress that is already worn but that does not require a real wash, with i-Refresh ritrover an appearance, a perfume and a sensation on the skin equivalent to that of a freshly washed dress.

In addition, Amazon Dash Replenishment's automatic reorder feature is another useful advantage. Thanks to it, Super Drum will automatically reorder the detergent and fabric softener when they are about to run out. It will be sufficient to set the Dash Replenishment mode in the Haier U + application to finally put an end to the worry of suddenly finding yourself running out of detergent or fabric softener.

Haier Super Drum was developed to offer a large load capacity: 10 kg for washing and 6 kg for drying, with the possibility of washing and drying with a continuous cycle up to 6 + 6 kg of laundry. As for the dimensions, the depth of just 46 cm, with reduced dimensions compared to the standard of 60 cm proposed by the market.

The 60 cm diameter maxi basket allows the garments to move freely in the basket, ensuring better performance than the standard 50 cm baskets. The XXL size of the basket also improves the efficiency of the detergent as it penetrates deeper into the fabric fibers. In addition, the My Time function allows you to adjust the duration of the washing cycle according to specific needs.

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The 60 cm diameter of the basket, in addition to offering great capacity, made it possible to mount a 45 cm porthole. This facilitates the loading and unloading process, thus offering families a simplified user experience. In this way, users can easily wash even bulkier fabrics, such as curtains and duvets.

Super Drum equipped with Haier's most advanced intelligent technologies and has a Direct Motion motor guaranteed for life, which ensures maximum silence, low vibrations as well as more reliability and durability of the appliance.haier super drum 1

There is also the exclusive ABT and Smart Dosing antibacterial treatment that automatically adjusts the amount of detergent and fabric softener required. The LED touch screen display integrated in the front panel allows users to choose with extreme simplicity among the 14 washing and drying programs. Haier Super Drum, at IFA the microvapor washing machine that orders by itself on AmazonThe expanding Haier Super Drum range has already been designed for an even larger washer dryer with 15 kg of washing capacity plus 10 kg of drying capacity. The latter will be available by 2020, while the model described so far in the 10kg + 6kg version will be available in the first few months of 2019.