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Guys and digital, with tablets you always start first

Guys and digital, with tablets you always start first

A European survey reveals that almost one in two children has a smartphone, one in five has a tablet

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

That the age of use of new technologies is becoming more and more a fact to which we are now accustomed, but the last survey conducted on a European sample further lower the entry threshold in the world of new technologies, revealing that children and youngsters are no longer occasional users of new technologies, but real users, prepared from a practical point of view, but not always ready to manage them in everyday life.

The study projectThe Net Children Go Mobileincluded 3,500 children and adolescents aged 9 to 16, from Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland and Romania, for explore their degree of familiarity with the Internet and digital.

Interesting data emerged. 46% of respondents already own a smartphone, 20% a tablet. And if on the one hand many of them are experts in the use of advanced functions, this relationship with technology not always lived to the fullest: in a similar way to what happens to adults, 72% of the sample feel the need to always be traceable to friends and relatives maintaining a constant presence online; one teenager out of two feels conditioned in their habits from the compulsive control of the display for example for notifications of social networks or instant messaging apps and 43% even feel discomfort if this type of activity precluded them from low battery or other impediments.


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