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Guides | The best Android apps to find places to eat

Imagine being on the street and wanting to find a good one restaurant or a pub, how to do? Are you going to look and the first one to attract your attention will be the right one? If you are a happy owner of Android, you can use one of the many applications that will allow you to find the perfect location. What are the best apps to find restaurants, pubs, pubs, bars and much more? Here is one list of some of the best titles.


The first of which we want to talk about a brand new application, recently arrived on Google Play. The program will only bring its known portal on your Android device to get word of mouth to your ears too food experience! It allows you to find: restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias, taverns, breweries, pubs, cafes and many other categories. Allows you to use the GPS to locate nearby locations and among other things it also allows you to call the restaurant and book a table. The premises can also be chosen based on the reviews of food bloggers. Present photos and attractive graphics.

(App) com.cibando & feature = search_result #? T = W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5jaWJhbmRvIl0. (/ App)


This is also a new application that allows you to choose the restaurant nearby. At the moment the service in Beta phase, but already manages to satisfy multiple users. Fabulous opportunities to discover i restaurant menu of the area and, above all, theirs offers.

(App) it.goombah & hl = en (/ app)


An application that certainly cannot be missing on your devices. Intuitive interface which will allow you to easily discover new places to eat. With 2Spaghi you can play an active role by posting reviews of the places where you eat. It can be an excellent guide for both Italy and abroad.

(App) it.digitalalliance.duespaghi & feature = search_result (/ app)


It performs almost all the activities of the previous applications, such as finding places nearby, rating the places you love and offers you an easy and intuitive interface. The real strength of this app, however, lies in its algorithm that manages to analyze all the places that you have voted positively and there indicates new ones you might like. It also allows you to analyze the favorite places of your Facebook friends.

(App) com.tellmewhere & feature = search_result (/ app)


Ultra known application that cannot be installed if you are traveling. Even if you stay in the city, it can be an excellent companion to find places to eat. You will find reviews of many restaurants that will be commented on and Rated by other users who have personally tried them.

(App) com.tripadvisor.tripadvisor & feature = search_result (/ app)


Allows you to start a exploration in the surroundings to find restaurants, bars, cafes and even pharmacies and petrol stations! Each place may have reviews and a rating. Very interesting the Monocle function: when you point the camera of your Android on an activity, the comments of other users will appear.

(App) & feature = search_result (/ app)

Yellow Pages

From the card it arrives directly on your Android. With this application you can find any activity including pizzerias, bars, ice cream parlors and clubs. Very interesting the reviews that will be almost always present. The results will be displayed on map and you can calculate the route.

(App) com.opentecheng.paginegialle.dream & feature = search_result #? T = W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5vcGVudGVjaGVuZy5wYWdpbmVnaWFsbGUuZHJlYW0iXQ .. (/ app)

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