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GUIDE | Samsung Galaxy Note: top 5 apps for this …

The Samsung Galaxy Note one of the best terminals released during 2011, for the moment the applications dedicated to this device are still quite few and in some cases not complete or not 100% usable. In particular, an aspect that still needs to be enhanced by Samsung remains the recognition of the writing by its software, which unfortunately still little evolved at least in this area. (as we showed you in our review and in our video review)

In this guide we will show you the best existing applications for Samsung Galaxy Note, including surprises and anticipations. All able to improve your experience of using this fantastic device, which we have reviewed a few months in a rather thorough and even critical manner. (which not all blogs normally do)

-Jotter: It is certainly an unknown application for many of you and it will prove to be a surprise since it is very useful and performing, because it can make us do absolutely precision work. In short words Jotter a kind of S Memo, the default writing application on the Galaxy Note, for much more precise and faster writing.

The main flaw is that for a fee, costing well 3.83 which is not a little, but it also has enormous advantages and still room for improvement. One of these that you can activate a mode that can recognize any type of touch other than that of the sPen. This will allow us, for example, to use the application as a real note pad and to be able to rest your wrist on the display to make writing much more comfortable and easier.

(Qr) (/ Qr)

-qPDF Notes: this app costs on Android Market 7.49 but only for theGalaxy Note it will be possible to download it completely free of charge and in its full version through the Samsung Apps. The very useful application because it allows us to edit our files PDFin a fast and intuitive way and for example, it will be possible to take notes on a PDFusing thespen, highlight and underline a text and change its words quickly, easily and intuitively.

So definitely a MUST HAVE for those who own the Galaxy Note.

You can download it directly and for free through the following link to the Samsung Apps.

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-iAnnotate Lite: an application rather similar to the previous one but still in beta, at least on Android and therefore completely free. Like qPDF Notes, it is used to modify i PDF adding notes and also allowing to underline the texts. For still being a beta, it presents a series of BUGs that can annoy us but that allow a sufficiently stable use.

You can download it for free through the following link to the Samsung Apps.

-Popcarte (Galaxy Note version): Popcarte is an application present on the Android Market for many devices Samsung, but what we care about is the version dedicated to Galaxy Note that you find on Samsung Apps completely free. The application mainly allows us to send a postcard with a photo of your choice to any address, but the interesting thing that it will be possible to write the back of the postcard directly via the Spen. The price for printing and shipping of 1.99 per postcard, which is certainly not a low price, for the service we have personally tried it and it works, even if the shipping is a little slow. A postcard of good photographic quality arrived to us in 10 days even if you count that the shipment was made precisely during the period of bad weather and cold that hit all of Europe and Italy included.

In any case, you can save money by purchasing multiple credits at once in order to obtain a discount that will actually make you spend less on the purchase of these postcards.

You can download the application through the following link to connect to Samsung Apps.

-Animating touch: an application that allows us, through the use of the nib, to create easier than normal, (it also exists for other devices) funny comic-style animations.

Here we present an example of what can be done with this fun application:

(yframe url = ?http: // v = UAQOc20o6bE?)

You can download it through this link to Samsung Apps.

We clearly understand that the list of applications in continuous evolution and we may have missed others worthy of belonging to this category. For this reason we have created a page in our FORUM where you can intervene to comment, ask for help and to report your favorite application. All you have to do is register for the FORUM which is very fast,to take part in our large community of people who are passionate about Android.

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